Opening up special about local residence in Bali! Yayang’s house is like this.

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We will open about Indonesian local person’s life this time.

There are many requests at the party held last time.

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Hello everyone. I’m the main write of Bali no mikata, Holi.


I’m in Yayang’s house this time.


(Who is Yayang?! My first friend who doesn’t speak Japanese in Bali. He is shown in the article sometimes, but the detail is unknown. But he is poplar, I don’t know why though, there are many questions to me about Yayang. They ask me “I want to meet Yayang.”, “Does Yayang have a girl friend?” or etc.)


We had a question to people at the party we held last time, but there were requests like these for our article.


“I want to see the life of local person.”

“What kind of place Yayang and others live?”


There is no information about local life in Indonesia in guide books or information site as I know.


But I do understand that you want to check about that.


So this time we will open special for local life,


As the special opening up plan

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I will go into Yaya’s house now! (Smile evilly)

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So now the Bali no mikata starts.

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>>The payment is ?? yen, it takes 4 min by foot to go to the river. The apartment has one room with a kitchen.



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