You can’t be satisfied with free WIFI at the hotel! The situation of WIFI condition and recommended SIM free WIFI router!

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Must check! We show you the condition of WIFI in Bali and recommend you WIFI router!

Hello everyone! I’m local writer Holi in Bali!

It’s fine day in the morning time even though it’s during the rainy season!!

I look not serious, but the middle aged man at the next door might be checking his hand making speaker or might have bad hobby, but he plays Gamelan with huge volume. (Laugh)

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By the way, there are various points to choose the hotel for the trip, but it would be important whether they have Wifi!

There would be many people who wants to get contact urgently to the company, to the family or to upload Instagram, twitter, and facebook recently.

(Plus there could be some people who wants to read Bali no mikata in Bali island. Laugh)

So this time we would like to inform you the WIFI condition and solution in Bali island.

Oh, wouldn’t be there lots of WIFI in everywhere in Bali since that is the world famous sightseeing place?!

Don’t worry because it says Free WIFI in the net!

But it could be not safe sometimes?! So for now we start Bali no miakata!

How about the fact of Free WIFI in Hotel?! The shocking experience that the local writer HOLI had about the WIFI!

At first, we inform you the free WIFI in the hotel.

As I mentioned before, Bali has the construction rush that they ever have at the moment!

There are many big hotels at the place which was empty 6 months ago or the deep area of Smynyac like Kurobokan or Chang area and so on.

When I check such hotels in the net, almost 100 percent hotels say that they have free WIFI!

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But honestly… I haven’t experienced to meet the expected free WIFI in that kind of hotels.

It is because Indonesia started 4GLTE last year.

Because of that, it is still expensive 4G line still and that kind of hotel basically use 3G line as the free WIFI.

So including me, the tourists who get used to 4G line feel very slow for the free WIFI at Bali.

Plus the time tourist use mobile, PC after the evening, they can’t open the SNS or can’t send the picture of LINE. That is the situation of Free WIFI in Bali.

There could be no problem for the brand new hotels but the hotels that was traditional have WIFI don’t reach to the rooms and we need to come to the Robbie every time we use PC or mobile…

Actually I have the experience that the time that I came to Bali for the trip, there is no way only to rely on Free WIFI in the hotel, so I came to Robbie from my room every 30 mins… (Laugh)

That would be good for people who have good time without mobile and feel so great at Bali or Bing Tang beer is the best!!, but honestly it’s bad situation if there are people who need to send e-mail for the business or who feel urgent without WIFI in their rooms.

To be added, the free WIFI at the café is some are good and the other are bad. So we need to drink much coffee to find the café that has the strong antenna. Something like this…

(If you are in Kuta, the WIFI is good at Mangsi Coffee. Laugh. I write this blog at there!)

Well, if you think that you really don’t want slow WIFI is not good! or you need the antenna not only your business, what you can do is you need to buy WIFI router!

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Oh, if you buy WIFI router the contract might be two years or what you can do for the payment monthly… You might think like this!

But you don’t need to be worried. WIFI router in Indonesia doesn’t need the contract like Japan and you can use it simply if you put the SIM card!

If you buy WIFI router and SIM card and then connect them to smart phone, you can use smart phone like Japan unless you use it at very country side and in the forest.

There are some companies for SIM card such as SIM pati, Indosat, XL, Tree and so on. If you use it only for a couple days, there are not so difference among them.

The price of 3G SIM card is about RP100,000 (850yen) with 5GB! Even though you finish to use, you can charge it at 24 hours shops!

写真 2016-02-27 19 10 29

I think you are outside during the day time and don’t use mobile so much, so you can estimate 1GB per 2 days!

(Actually I upload twitter very much, so I use 1GB per a day. Cry. Please follow me!!)

There are 2 kinds of WIFI router that I who lives the local area recommend! The two has both good side and bad side, so I would inform you the two kinds!

The recommended WIFI router in Bali ① BOLT!

This is a WIFI router company in Indonesia, and they started selling router a few years ago in Bali.

But they sell only for some area, so when I go to Eastern Java and Java Timor, I am told to sell the router by some people every day! (Laugh)

This WIFI router is SIM Free and you can use it with putting any SIM card after you buy it!

写真 2016-02-27 19 08 43

The price is about Rp400,000 (3500yen) and it depends on the shops!

The Free WIFI router that is packed with HIS is the same as this or a bit old model!

I don’t try to use is yet, but it’s SIM free. So maybe you can put the cheap SIM you buy in Japan and you can use it in Japan!

(Please tell me if you try this!!)

But this WIFI has the demerit, too.

The front of the router shows 4G boldly, but actually that means “it is available for 4G SIM card”.


写真 2016-02-27 19 09 00

It doesn’t mean that all SIM card makes smooth communication with 4G!

When you put 3G SIM card, the router starts to keep the 3G and actually it’s slow….

The 3G is the main way to communicate in Indonesia, and there are still many 3G SIM card.

There are 4G SIM card, but the price is expensive compared to other Smart Fren that I’m going to introduce later.

However, even though 3G, it doesn’t happen as hotel that many people access the one circuit, so there are not the case like you can’t use it at all for some time.

(But the time Indonesian come home from the work and start their mobile, the access is a bit slow. It’s better than crowded hotel situation, like this image.)

The recommended WIFI router in Bali ② Andromax M2P

写真 2016-02-27 19 18 46

This WIFI router is what the main local writer I, Holi, use, too!

写真 2016-02-27 19 07 34

This WIFI router is one of the series of being sold by Smart Fren. Now they have the sale and the price is about Rp299,000 (about 2500 yen) and cheap!! (February 2016)

The good point of this WIFI router is 4G circuit!

写真 2016-02-27 19 07 38

The communication company show TVCM, but the price is a bit expensive compared to others. I guess there are not so many people to use it!

Because of that, the circuit can afford for more people still and it is very speedy. The speed is double compared to that BOLT!

But this WIFI is not available at everywhere, and only you can buy at the shop of Smartfren!

If you want to buy the router in Kuta, Regan, Smynyac area, there is the shop besides the big shopping mall called Karfur along the Sunset road.

写真 2016-02-28 1 17 44

Besides the WIFI router is not SIM free and only accept SIM card of Smartfren, so you can’t bring that router with the cheap SIM card! You can’t charge it with the card at 24 hours shop, either.

Maybe if you buy this router, the router includes the Bonus GB right after you use is.

写真 2016-02-27 19 08 12

I can use this router for one month with the bonus. So if you trip only for one or two weeks, the mobile is enough only with the bonus!

If you need to charge more, you can charge it at Smarfren shop with “Rp.○○○○mints”!

Perhaps Rp.100,000 (about 850yen) =6GB, Rp200,000 (about 1700 yen)=12GB, Rp300,000 (about 2,550yen)=18GB.

The circuit is very fast. So if you want to use net like Japan, I would recommend you this more than BOLT!

You can communicate in the speed of 4G with the same price of other company’s 3G Sim card! If you don’t think about the annoying thing to buy the SIM card to buy the shop, it is perfect.

The recommended WIFI router in Bali. So to speak, like this! You can choose it with your purpose to use it!


Rp.400,000 (about 3500yen) /SIM free/ You might be able to use it in Japan?!/ You can buy the SIM card at any shops./ Expensive/ 4G SIM card is expensive/ the speed of 3G SIM is so so/

Andromax M2p

Rp299,000 (about 2500yen)/ Only Smarfren SIM is available/ 4GLTE/ You can’t use it in Japan/ The available shop is only Smarfren/ Cheap/ The speed is very fast/ A few GB is free with the bonus/

If you want to use it in Japan by buying the WIFI router in Bali, or you just need to check something or Line, e-mail in the net, I recommend you BOLT!

If you want to chat with the video with the people in Japan, you don’t want to use the net with the fast speed or you come to Indonesia often, I recommend you M2P!

I have both, but BOLT is in the mess of the desk. (Laugh)

Oh, well, I would lend it to my friend when they come here. Something like this

If the 4G SIM card gets cheap, I might use it to the mobile of BOLT!

I might start rental WIFI shop. (Laugh)

That is it! The condition of WIFI in Bali!

If you really need the WIFI, you should not to count on the WIFI at the hotel or Café. I recommend you to buy the router!

Well, the price is not so expensive and you can sell it with the price of 80% of what you get to the people on the street when you go back to Japan!

You can sell it to me! Someday I will launch on the business for the rental WIFI router with the WIFI router that I buy. (Laugh)

Oh, if you have SIM free smart phone, you can put the SIM card of this country and use it!

But if you want to use it for your PC, actually I recommend you to buy the WIFI router for not getting the stress!

I still would like to get your comment and question, so please don’t hesitate to get contact to me!

So see you later! This if from Holi!

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