When I went to the pet market called Pasar Burung in Bali, that was overwhelming place.

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Japanese readers, hello! This is from Holi!

I experienced electric shutting down in Bali for the first time a few days ago.

I heard from my friends and checked the information in the net. That is often, isn’t it!

The worry is that light might stop.

Let’s wait until the electricity is getting back if it stops. I recommend it for the sight seeing people.


So now I’m going to introduce the pet market, that I have been, called Pasar Burung in Bali island.


The atmosphere is totally different from Japanese pet shop, it’s quite fun compared to the bad optional tour. Please take a look.


Pasar Burung is around here!

The place I went to is like this.

写真 2015-10-23 16 33 52

That is in Denpasar, so it takes 20, 30 min, from Kuta Regan Sminyack area.

It would take 20 min by highway over the sea from Jimparan area.

By bicycle, it would take about one hour from Kuta! (I found a guy who went to Tanarot temple by the bicycle some times ago.) 🙂

If you use motor bike, please wear the helmet with your international license.


There are many animals that I wonder if they can be sold…

So now I have arrived.

写真 2015-10-23 15 42 58

There is a big Suzuki dealer in front of the pet market, so you can check.

写真 2015-10-23 16 06 39

If you go there by the bike, maybe it would cost 10 yen (Rp1,000) to enter Pasar Burung area. Of course you don’t need to pay by foot to go there.

写真 2015-10-23 15 43 03

There are two streets with 100 meters and most of the shops sell pets.

写真 2015-10-23 15 51 46

I will introduce you the animals.

At first, the dogs!

写真 2015-10-23 16 07 42

写真 2015-10-23 16 08 59


写真 2015-10-23 16 09 07


写真 2015-10-23 16 07 17



写真 2015-10-23 15 48 49


写真 2015-10-23 15 45 31

写真 2015-10-23 15 58 30



写真 2015-10-23 15 46 08


Colored young chicken that are international issue!

写真 2015-10-23 15 47 34


写真 2015-08-09 15 03 33


Gold fishes! Beta, too! Aren’t they hot…?

写真 2015-10-23 15 43 26



写真 2015-08-09 15 07 19

Koarpick that is famous with (Ruack coffee) is sold, too.

写真 2015-08-09 15 11 19

There are many insects for the food of cows or pigs… (Please be careful to see.)

写真 2015-10-23 16 05 25

We can enjoy with only watching.

But actually the sanitary is not good at all…

I guess we can see the pet shop like the secret market.

I heard that there are thieves of dogs recently in Bali, and then they sell the dogs at this market… Wow.


There is a coffee shop besides the market, so we always take a rest there.

写真 2015-10-23 16 18 14


写真 2015-10-23 16 20 35


写真 2015-10-23 16 20 03

Menu is like this!

写真 2015-10-23 16 18 18


写真 2015-10-23 16 19 06


写真 2015-10-23 16 19 03

Not so expensive!

You can experience something different from the ordinal sight seeing.

Today I introduced the pet market of Pasar Burung in Bali.

Usual trippers don’t go there at all. So if you want to feel something unique, I really recommend this place.

Anyways, animals are pretty.

It would be the hint of your business like “You can sell anything if the customers want.”

“Please take me there!” or “Please show me the road to go there”. Please don’t hesitate to get contact to me.

You just need to pay for a cup of coffee to let me show you to how to get there. 🙂

Then see you later!

From Holi!

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