The second selfish dirtichelin in Bali is held!! “Introduction of the restaurant of dirty but tasty in Bali.”

suzuri_kijiue おすすめのスパ5選 みかたブック

Well, there are not so many dirty restaurants more than I thought! Laugh

Everyone, Hello! This is Holi who is a local writer for Bali no mikata!


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It has been one month since I wrote about the last selfish dirtichelin! We are appreciated that there are many reactions, and the access is getting more.

My first selfish dirtichelin in Bali is held!!! “The introduction of tasty restaurant in spite of dirty restaurant”

Then… Here we go.


The second selfish dirtichelin in Bali!! (The introduction of dirty but tasty restaurant)

This is the plan that we introduce about dirty but tasty restaurant in Bali island.

People might tend to think that “Oh, it seems to be dirty surely because it’s Bali island”, but there are not so many dirty restaurants more than they thoughts.

When we hear from the local people, there would be many new restaurants.

No, there are not clean like Japan, but not so dirty enough to be written.

They can hire the worker with the salary of about 1,000 yen per a day in Bali, so the changing of wall cost only a few thousand yen. That is the back ground.

If there is someone who read this Bali no mikata and who knows the restaurant that makes him or her say that this one is very dirty, please let Holi know. (Laugh)

Well, well, with this situation, we would introduce you dirty but tasty restaurant where I go often.

This restaurant in the battle of competition of Bali restaurant world has the thirty years history and is really traditional! Let’s go!!


”We has run with only one fried pan for thirty years. We would continue like this in the future.”

Here is the restaurant that I am going to introduce!

OPEN 4:30 ~ CLOSE 12:00

The location is really the edge of the area called Night market of Kuta!

Of course there is no information in google map, so we would put pin to the restaurant next door!

The outlook of the restaurant is like this! Here it is.


写真 2016-01-28 18 46 01


写真 2016-01-28 18 45 52


This is not like a restaurant but a car called Ronbon?? The shop is with table and chairs, isn’t it!


The name is WARUNG “PAK AGUS”!


写真 2016-01-28 18 46 07


If we translate, it’s “The shop of man whose name is AGUS”! There are many restaurants of that the name is the owner’s name in Bali island.

The menu is as what they write! Nasigoren, Migoren, Mikua and Chap chai




The tastes are all the same. (Laugh)

Anyways, I ordered CAP CAY (Fried vegetable) this time!


Holi “Good evening, One Cap Cay please, not hot!!”

The man “OK.”


写真 2016-01-28 18 46 21


There are table and chairs like this behind the Ronbon!


写真 2016-01-28 18 47 11


写真 2016-01-28 18 46 42


With the first sight, that is a clean Warung, but the table is old, isn’t it!


写真 2016-01-28 18 47 24


Plus not only old, but the middle of the table is broken!!

So when the man searves the dish after he cooks, it is sure to be spilt. (Laugh)

The man “The chair is brand new!”


写真 2016-01-28 18 51 31


Holi “Oh, it is so! “Why didn’t he buy the table…?”

However this wild thoughts are goodness of Bali island! I don’t care so much and wait for Cap cay!

It is the same as the restaurant I introduce before. One person cooks and one person decorates and treats the payment.

There are two people to work in the restaurant!


写真 2016-01-28 18 47 00



写真 2016-01-28 18 46 13


It takes 5 mins to get Cap cay!! The price is Rp.13,000 (about 110yen).


写真 2016-01-28 18 49 57


There are many restaurants that serve the dish with a lot of carbohydrates, so it’s important to eat Cap Cay because that has only vegetable.

It’s like this! (Actually if they put noodle, it becomes Mikua. Laugh)
写真 2016-01-28 18 51 02


写真 2016-01-28 18 50 56


I don’t know why but there is only one noodle inside. Why…. (Laugh)


写真 2016-01-28 18 54 59


But the tastes are fabulous! I don’t know how to explain about this!


写真 2016-01-28 18 46 29


It looks that they put the seasonings that are put besides Ronbon roughly, but the tastes are always the same! How well he cooks!


写真 2016-01-28 19 10 41


While I am eating with talking to the man, there is a woman coming here!!


写真 2016-01-28 19 04 09


Momorn!! She is the seller juice and snacks with very cheap price for people who work with salary of a few salary in Bali.

(The article of Momorn is here! “The question is solved! The workers of Bali eat and drink like this!”)

The momorn bunks (took out) Nashigoren!


写真 2016-01-28 19 04 52


While I am eating one Cap cay, four or five customers came and bunkus!!

Many people come and eat at this restaurant every every night, actually that is like Yoshino-ya (Japanese famous cheap beef food restaurant).


Holi “Man, where are you from??”

The man “I’m from Bnuwangi in Bali. The place is origin of Nashjingo! (Nashijingo means sack lunch of Indonesia)”

Holi “Oh, I have been there! Have you been here for long time??”

The man “Well so much. I don’t know. Maybe for about thirty years.”

Holi “Thirty years you have been here?! Kuta?!”

The man “Yes, that’s right. I have worked with him for long time.”

Holi “So you know many things about here!”

The man “At first I didn’t know about here at all and had not so many customers. But I have cooked with only with this fried pan for long time.”


写真 2016-01-28 19 11 23


Holi “Great!!”

The man “I will continue to work as long as he can shake the pan in the future.”

Holi “Well. That is right. Have a good time! Thank you very much for today!!”

The man “Yeah, see you later!”


写真 2016-01-28 18 49 04


Well it’s dirty but I want to go there again!”

What do you think about the dirtichelin this time?

As I mentioned before, the restaurant has a lot of foreign customers because the location is in the Night Market of Kuta and many sightseeing people can go to.

When I am talking with the man, I feel relaxed and comfortable in the restaurant!

I think the challenger can go there by him or herself safely, and wait for the person to go with us!


So see you soon! This is it from Holi!

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