The introduction of recommended famous Italian restaurant in Ubud, Bali!

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This is from JJ who is the new writer! At first I would like to introduce myself. I have been to Ubud Sidemen more than thirty times! I love the forest very much!




Nice to meet you, I’m JJ who loves Ubud very much! Firstly I try to introduce myself easily.

I come to Bali four or five times and I think that the total time is more than thirty. I have only visited Ubud or Sidemen because I really love the forest.

But Bali has a lot of attraction besides that, so I check about Kuta so that I can visit. Then I found this Bali-no-mikata!

As you know that main writer who is Holi, he advise me about a little bit of guide and place in Kuta. He gave me the job information of the writer, so I say yes because I have many picture of Ubud and Sidemen for long time.

Actually I’m a woman, so I hope that I can tell you about Ubud from the woman’s point of view honestly.

warung citta ovest !The shop I am going to introduce today is the famous Italian restaurant, warun citta ovest in Ubud, Bali!

Well I will introduce you the tasty Italian restaurant in Ubud today!

Lately holi introduced you the Italian restaurant in Sminyac, didn’t he?

Here is the article of the Italian restaurant that is the secret place in Sminyac!

The place is “warung citta ovest” called citta in JI. Dewi Sita.




Jl. Dewi sita, Padang Tegal, Ubud, Bali


They have delivery service as well. So when you don’t want to go out at Ubud from Villa or hotel, it would be convenient.

The outlook of the shop is like this.




They are the staff of citta. They are always treat us very friendly.


unnamed (8)


The menu is very various. About Rp40,000 (about 350yen)!


unnamed (10)


The shop is a bit narrow, but they cook pizza from the bread that contain yeast ferment by themselves.




Such the will of the owner gets the taste of the restaurant.

So now the introduction of the tasty dishes of citta!

“Pizza Romana” The bread part of pizza is crispy and the cheese and tomato are tasty.




I’m addicted to eat “Cold Basil spaghetti” that is JJ eats for the first time in Ubud.


unnamed (1)


“The pan cake” for the breakfast at the place I stay is always flat. So I really miss “The pan cake” of citta and I go there.


unnamed (5)


The bean of coffee is selected, so surely the coffee is tasty.

This is “Ice café late”. Holi always writes but the coffee in Bali island is basically very sweet. However the sweetness is very good for this.


unnamed (6)


This is “Mint Lemon juice”. JJ doesn’t like mint but I feel the great taste of mint at citta. It is good for your health. They have squash, too.


unnamed (7)


I will send you the information of Ubud in Bali in the future!

I have many pictures left, so I will introduce you various shops from the woman’s point of view in Bali no mikata in the future, too!

I hope that you can enjoy the information about basically shops, culture and news in Ubud because I always stay Ubud.

Ah I really miss the food while I’m introducing. This is from JJ!

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