Definitely need to know! The danger of Bali

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It looks like the summer is over in Japan. Bali island is totally summer everyday.

This is from Naoto who is misunderstood as a local person by people in Bali.
I got so much sun tang. For the readers to come visit Bali island, please make sure to bring much sunshine protect! And put that all over your body. (Laugh)

One month and two weeks have passed since I came to Bali island.

Bali island is the best to enjoy indeed, however such a best country have many bad people or dangerous animals.
You might come to trip with excitement. But if you met some accident, it would be the worst.
There are some cases that you notice before then you are protected.

I’m going to write about the danger of Bali island today.

The danger of Bali 1. Thief, stealer and snatch!

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As I mentioned a bit before, there are the most damaged cases is thief, stealer and snatch!
In them, many crimes by thieves are reported. My acquaintances met them so often. I feel so so sorry about this!
Iphone, smart phone, wallets etc. can get money and are important, but very frequently someone meet the thieves.
You need to be careful all the time, but especially the Regan street at night needs for your to be aware!
I introduced you for the last time in the blog (“Be careful for the thief” Your wallet would be stolen in Bali island! The preparation to be recommended!), my wallet was stolen, too.
My case is like this. I put wallet in the pocket that has magic tape of the bathing suit. On the right hand side, the seller was sticking to me and the left had side the thief took my wallet.

When you are walking at Regan street at night, sometimes someone put a hand in your pocket or drag your bag.

Even thought you are having fun at club, but on the way to back home, your materials might be stolen. That makes us feel awful!

Club here is very different from Japanese one and very enjoyable indeed!

When you go to the club, I recommend you not to bring electronic things or to bring a bag with the key.

The danger of Bali 2. If you are bitten, you are out. Crazy dogs!

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I told in the blog before a little bit, but it is really fatal thing, so I will write down here. (The old blog is here.)
In Bali island, there are many wild dogs not like Japan.
It seems to be very less though…
There used to be many tourists who were bit by wild dogs that were a lot on streets and the tourists got sickness. The problems were occurred many times.

Though there are now few compared to before, but still crazy dogs exist. Me myself was followed by a wild dog and ran away. I experienced that I ran away a lot. (Laugh)

Crazy dog’s sickness is fatal.

Please turn it away when you are followed before you might be bitten.


The danger of Bali 3. Swindle –Is this swindle? The thing before you cheated.-

写真 2015-09-07 20 11 44

Do you know that Bali island is famous because of the swindles?

I’m very aware about this, but very often I am almost cheated or stolen money.

For example, the shop of money exchange!

The place you change money from Japanese yen to Rp.
It depends on the place, but they cheat money very well even though we are looking at them carefully. Make sure to confirm!
Now there are applis that make you exchange money from yen to Rp easily if you just put the number. Please use it!

I have heard about rip off a lot.

This is a real experience of my friend. She was asked if she put the nail at the Regan street at lunch time.
How much? She asked. She was told that it would cost 200,000 Rp (About 1730 yen).
She dealt with that price. Then she followed the woman of the shop.
The woman asked which one if she liked at the shop. After she ordered, she was treated.
Later, she thought that 200,000 Rp, but they needed 1500,000 Rp (about 13,000 yen) so she paid.

I have heard of like this story many times.
Please be careful because I hear a lot of story like they told you the price before you order and when it comes to the payment, the different price is necessary.

The danger of Bali 4. extra edition –The story made me fear-

写真 2015-08-23 23 04 14

I have a story made me afraid by hearing from my friend and that is not my experience.
One day the friend drunk at a shop, after that, they decided to go to a club.

When they were having fun with drinking much and dancing as you did at a club, one Indonesian woman asked them “Why don’t you drink tequila?” in Japanese.
The two men who were having fun ordered tequila and say “Please.”
When they drank a glass, the taste was weird, but asked one more!
One of my friends was careful and watched making tequila,
they were putting something odd in the tequila!
He felt fear and turned down for the second one.

I was sacred with this story!
Be aware because your luggage might be stolen after they put a medicine in the alcohol with free and make you strange!
The conclusion of the danger. Something I want to inform!

The reason I try to tell you about the danger of Bali island is not because Bali island is dangerous so you better don’t come here but because the exciting trip becomes the worst trip by a few bad people in Bali island that I really fell the best country!
I hope more people get various information and enjoy exciting trip in Bali island.

Even if it’s small information but we would make much effort to report. Please encourage us. (Laugh)

Almost killing myself to report local Bali island, I’m Naoto.


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