Local resident Holi select! The 15 souvenirs you should buy!! (The latest version 2016)

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Hello everyone! I’m Holi who is the main local writer for Bali no mikata!

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When you trip somewhere, it’s typical to be annoyed what to buy for the souvenirs. You must think 100 percent, “Something for people in the company or society…” or “Something for the person who is important for you…”.


I will introduce you the poplar 15 souvenirs that I think in Bali this time!


Plus there are many articles about souvenirs of Bali, but the shop is very frequently changed so sometimes you can’t find them. So the latest version is written in 2016!


They have new items so often in various areas. There are the poplar hair treatment Elips, but now they have many different kinds of fragrance items and push bottle type!

This changeable latest souvenir information in Bali, you need to check this absolutely!


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The selected 15 souvenirs that the local person recommend in Bali! 2016 version!

The souvenir of Bali No1. Instant Migoreng, Popmie

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The Instant Migoreng costs about 30yen to 50yen per one item. You can buy them at super markets, of course, also at 24 hours chops.

It is cheap and not big, so it’s OK even if there is no space in your suits case! Popmie is cup noodle in Bali! It is a bit big, but you can feel the memory of Bali. (Laugh)

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The souvenir of Bali No2. Silver work made in Chulk village

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Silver works are famous in Bali and there are many shops dealing with silver works at the village called Chulk.

They have tiny designed and they made us feel beautiful even if only just you take a look! The price is depend on the weight and the smallness, but it would be good for yourself even though it is a bit expensive!!

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They fit ring the stand of JENGALA!





The souvenir of Bali No.3 Gamran ball (The Charm of Hindu)

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写真 2016-02-13 18 11 39

Gamran ball is a charm of Hindu. That is one of the silver works, but it stays as the typical souvenir of Bali already!

When you roll it on a hand, you can hear the charming sounds. It suits to the atmosphere of Bali!

There are fake items (mixed with capper or stainless steel) that cost a couple hundred yen, so it would be the best to buy at the formal places!

写真 2016-02-13 18 43 31



The souvenir of Bali No.4 Bintang Beer (Normal, Lemon, Grape fruits)

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Bintang beer is famous as the beer of Bali. “Bintang” means “Star”, and the bottle is designed with a star.

It takes a bit space and is heavy, but you can put the finished bottle in your room. It’s fashionable! They have not only normal tastes but lemon and grape fruit recently!

写真 2016-02-13 20 57 30

The brand new item that has the taste of grapefruit are few at shops. So it’s rare beer.



The souvenir of Bali No.5  T-shirt and cap of DEUS

写真 2016-02-13 18 02 05
写真 2016-02-13 17 58 12

It is popular among mainly young men, DEUS! This is made in Australia, and it’s connected with Bali, but the items are cheaper than Japan. There are many types that you can’t buy in Japan.

There is the shop along Oberoy street in the central shopping area, but I recommend the shop of Changoo because they have more items with a café!

If you wear the cap that is not available in Japan, you might be proud, maybe…?

写真 2016-02-13 17 58 07

写真 2016-02-13 17 58 02



The souvenir of Bali No.6  Genggalakemick

写真 2016-02-13 18 09 34

写真 2016-02-13 17 58 56

If you talk about souvenirs of Bali, this is the must item.

The capital shop at Jingbarang has other shop that is outlet along Sunset road! It is not so expensive (The small plate costs 7 or 8 hundred yen), the local person, I, even buy them.

My breakfast is like this with the plate of Genggala.

写真 2016-02-13 17 59 52




The souvenir of Bali No.7  Coconut oil

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写真 2016-02-12 14 09 12


You can put it in drinks or foods and also on your skin. It’s amazing that you can put it in the eye to protect eyes! It is good for woman and she would be happy!



The souvenir of Bali No.8  Indonesian tabacco

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Cigarette is typical for the souvenir in foreign country. Tabaco is more reasonable in Indonesia than in Japan, so I buy it for male friends.

写真 2016-02-15 10 52 54

Gram, Chanporna and etc. could be good for souvenir because they are special in Indonesia.





The souvenir of Bali No.9  The fashionable tree board

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写真 2016-02-12 16 28 47

I see frequently the fashionable tree boards in the town recently!

写真 2016-02-12 16 28 53

Some of them have good thing or other have the advertisement of Bintang beer.

If you think that it’s typical in Bali and it’s too much heavy atmosphere, it is recommended!



The souvenir of Bali No.10  Item with knitting of Ata and cage bag  

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写真 2016-02-13 18 08 06

Ata item that is knitted with solid tree called Ata is a famous souvenir in Bali.

There is a small costar, also a big bag and rubbish can as the Ata knitting!

Maybe a small bag would suit to the Japanese Yukata, it has the atmosphere!


The price is depend on the way to knit even if the same size. If it use for long time, tinier knitting would be good!


The souvenir No.11 in Bali  Southernish soap made of Prumeria and Papaya

写真 2016-02-12 17 05 15

This is the best as the souvenir. They sell them everywhere, it costs about 100yen, and they commodities, so you can hand your friends easily!


The most popular one is the soap of the flower of Purmeria in Bali! There are the famous shops for the soaps in Bali, so it would be good to check them!


写真 2016-02-12 16 33 08



The souvenir of Bali No.12 The picture of Bali

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写真 2016-02-15 10 59 25

Pictures are famous in Bali, too. The area of Ubdu is called art town.

The souvenir shops have pictures in Kuta and Smyniyak and you can find them as soon as you arrive at Bali.

You must pay more if you buy the tree flame, so I recommend you to buy only the picture and roll it to go back!

写真 2016-02-15 10 59 51

If you see it well, you would recognize as the hand writing about such a tiny designed picture.



The souvenir of Bali No.13  Jam U (Indonesian secret herbal medicine)

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This is a bit Maniac. 

Jam U is the herbal medicine with Indonesian secret tradition. There is a powder and capsule. You need to go to the Jam U souvenir shop to buy it.

Basically it is made from natural materials. The Jam U souvenir shop has many kinds of Jam U.

There are Jam U that are good for headache, shoulder ache, and cold body. There are also Jam U that work for male hormone and for getting bigger boops.

It’s kind a bit difficult to find the shop but if you ask someone on the street, he or she must know it. I recommend you the souvenir as the maniac Bali one.

On the day we took the picture for this article, two young men were drinking something!

写真 2016-02-15 22 16 10



The souvenir of Bali No.14  The clothings of Batik

写真 2016-02-13 18 14 15


Batik is Indonesian hand writing design and very small designed. It’s the best for the souvenir.

写真 2016-02-13 18 04 57

There are ones that are shirts and bed covers, but you can feel atmosphere of Bali if you buy the big thin clothing and put with a pin at the wall of your room.

In spite of buying several clothing it doesn’t get space for your suit case. So I recommend you to buy when you don’t get any space in the suit case!

写真 2016-02-13 18 06 32



The souvenir of Bali No.15  Ellips hair treatment

写真 2016-02-12 16 49 07

写真 2016-02-12 16 48 34

When I tweet it, the reaction is very good. Ellips.

This one is known for people who come to Bali. It is crush type hair treatment and it’s very popular among young women! Japanese fashion magazines mention about this and there are requests to send them for the souvenir. (Laugh)

They had had only one kind, but there are so many now. There is such a bottle push type (ULTTA), too!

写真 2016-02-15 0 00 03

Nowadays there is similar items like Sasha! This one seems to be also good!

写真 2016-02-14 23 49 19



There are other various souvenirs in Bali! Please come to Bali to find them!

That is it for introduction of 15 select souvenir in Bali!

Bali is world famous sightseeing place, so there are really various kinds of souvenirs. Some cost only about less than 100 yen, the other cost more than 5000 yen!


Well, the best souvenir is the memory you feel with your five sense in Bali. Ha ha (Laugh)


But the souvenirs that I bought long time ago are somewhere, but the memory of the time is sticking in my mind!

There are the rest of many souvenirs that are super minor, but I will introduce you in the next souvenir article. (Laugh)

So see you later! This is from Holi!

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