Getting more poplar in Bali of Indonesia!! Riding a bike taxi, GO-JEK!

tabinaka_kijinaka おすすめのスパ5選 みかたブック

I tried to ride on bike taxi GO-JEK that is poplar among people in Bali.

Japanese people, hello.
I cut my hair with 120 yen a couple days ago.
This is from Holi.

写真 2015-09-20 19 07 08

It’s in the middle of September, and there are less Japanese tourists these days.

You just see few people in every where, so someone who wants to move freely without making appointment might get the chance??

By the way, today I’m going to send the report about Bali’s poplar bike taxi “GO-JEK” that is mentioned in the articleof transportation ways in Bali recently.

In spite of being watched GO-JEK frequently in the town, I haven’t seen this service is used by sight seeing people at all.
It looks convenient, so I tried to check if it was OK for tourists.

Anyways, what is “GO-JEK”?

写真 2015-09-17 16 19 33


“GO-JEK” is


It seems to be the business that started in Jakarta that has the heaviest transportation in the world.
Of course a bike can go through and arrive at the target quickly.
When I checked it, there are 4 services as below.


写真 2015-09-17 16 19 38


1 INSTANT COURIE (Service using a bike)
2 SHOPPING (Shopping support)
3 GO-FOOD (Food delivery)
4 TRANCEPORT (Bike taxi)

Whmmm… I see.
There are many bikes because they have not only bike taxi but also various services.

This time I would just try. I called GO-JEK. The telephone rung within 30 sec.

Well you don’t know without doing anything, so I just try to call.
First of all, I open the appli of GO-JEK and log in! (For the beginners, you need register!)

I choose “TRANSPORT”!


写真 2015-09-17 16 39 48


The point of the start and the goal should be set on the map.
You can check if there is GO-JEK near you.


写真 2015-09-17 16 19 49


When you set the target and the place for the pick up, automatically they would calculate he distance and the fee!
This time 2.1 km costs RP10,000 (about 100 yen)!
It’s good to know how much it would cost before you use it!


写真 2015-09-14 17 41 49


This is the screen of making confirm! I choose the way to pay as “CASH”.


写真 2015-09-15 19 21 43 (1)


The appli is written n English but the way of using is great!


写真 2015-09-14 17 45 59


OK. Call!! ORDER!!!
They just call ms!!
Who is that! Such a time!


写真 2015-09-17 17 03 18



Holi “Hello Siapa anda?? )Hello, who is this?”
?? “:@-^]:-0:[@\^-/[/,.[-^*+:@???”
Holi “ ……. (Oh, no. I don’t understand at all. I guess it’s from the driver.)”
Holi “Aba—?! (What is that?) English please (Laugh)”
Driver “Where are you?”
Holi “Jl. Pantai kuta, No12 (I told you before in the appli!! (Laugh))”
Driver “……”
Holi “…well, OK. I give up. (Laugh) Yayang, Change.”
Then Yayang who is my friend explains where I am and I want for 5 min. They come!!

写真 2015-09-17 15 54 17

This, this!! The helmet of GO-JEK!!!
Let’s start!

写真 2015-09-17 15 54 13

Oh when I look at him carefully, there is an appli for drivers and that could be navigation!

写真 2015-09-14 17 58 41


写真 2015-09-14 17 58 48


Let’s go go!


写真 2015-09-14 18 01 20

We arrive at the goal so quickly!

写真 2015-09-14 18 06 34


写真 2015-09-14 18 06 51


I am sure that he goes through but drives safely and change the gear smoothly. Good job. (Laugh)
If I use taxi at 5pm evening, the traffic jam is heavy. But the bike is fast.
The payment is as the choice by appli. That is Rp10,000 (100yen) cash. You don’t need the tip or anything.

So cheap.

Taxi needs to go in the traffic jam, so it would cost about 250 yen, I think.

“Conclusion of bike taxi, GO-JEK”
Compared to Bus and taxi, the speed to the goal is very fast, but the telephone…

So today it was my challenge report for GOJEK!
Basically I’m satisfied!
Fast, cheap and kind!
According to the driver, the bike is owned by himself, it is the first time to let the foreigner ride. (Laugh)

The one thing frustrated is telephone.

I already set the pick up point by appli. (Laugh)
If you use the telephone, Indonesian language or English is necessary to explain where you are, plus usually tourists don’t have a local telephone actually…
If they don’t call me, I recommend you to go to super market and sight seeing for people.
But there is feeling of attraction to ride on the back of the driver with the bike in South East Asia. Someone who wants to experience might be able to ask local friend to lend the mobile and he or she can challenge!?

When you get contact to me or Naoto, we will call GOJEK!
It is something like the cheapest optional tour.

So see you then!
This is from Holi!


写真 2015-09-20 15 07 54


I checked how much it would cost to go to the sight seeing place, Monkey Forest in Ubud from Rippo mall in Kuta, then it was RP10,000 (about 100 yen).
Common, it would be more than 30 km, isn’t it?!
The petrol is more expensive, you lie!! (Laugh)
Is it the error of the system or some promotion, or wherever costs 100 yen.
I have totally no idea. That is Bali.


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