The point for the currency of Bali (Rupiah) and the safe exchange counter!

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Well, well, this time is the article about the money of Bali and exchange counter! Don’t miss it before you regret!

Hello everyone! This is from Holi who is the local writer of Bali traveler’s mikata!

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As people know from the twitter, I stepped on the sea urchin while I was swimming at Gegel Beach recently. So still my leg hurts. Please be careful when you go to the ocean in Bali!

So for now, I am going to introduce “Currency and exchange counter” in Bali island!

It is like whether I exchange money in Japan, I exchange money after I arrive at the airport, or there is a point to find money exchange counter would be solved!

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If you come to Bali, you can’t miss this! Let’s start Bali trip mikata!

Now the basic knowledge! These are the currency of Bali! Rp.100~Rp. 100,000!

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The money of Bali in Indonesia is called Rupiah and there are these seven kinds!

From the left, Rp.1000, Rp.2000, Rp.5,000, Rp.10,000, on the right, Rp.20,000, Rp.50,000, Rp.100,000!

Yes, the largest bill is Rp.100,000 and it’s about 1,000yen.

But this red Rp.100,000, is very inconvenient and they don’t like to use it when you buy a small thing at 24 hours shops.

When you go to the exchange counter, you are tend to get Rp.50,000!

This blue bill is about only 500yen. So if you exchange 10,000yen, the volume is so much. (Laugh)

It’s almost like this. You can feel that you are very rich. (Laugh)

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It’s not like in Japan, they use bills all the time. There are coins, but they don’t use them so much. (Laugh)

Oh well, I try to introduce the coins. I don’t feel like it though. (laugh)

Hey, here they are.

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From the left Rp.100, Rp.200, Rp.500, and Rp.1,000! About 1 yen, 2 yen, 5 yen, and 10 yen. That is like this.

Yes, there is a bill and coin for Rp.1,000. The country, lazy! (Laugh)

I don’t think we don’t use coins during the trip! There are mysterious bottles of coin saving, I don’t know how many I have. But I don’t use them!

At first impression of the Japanese tourist think is that you don’t understand the price because the currency is too much!

It’s common sense but if you delete two zero, that means yen!

Well, it’s good so so. But now the rate is 1 yen is Rp.115~120, so a bit different honestly.

Because when you buy an ice cream with Rp.10,000, you might feel that “That costs 100yen”. But actually it’s 85 yen.

Oh no, only just 15 yen difference. But how about 10,000 yen and 8,500 yen? That is big difference!

When I think “I used my card so much in Bali”, but actually the details let me think “Oh?! It’s cheap?”. That is often!

So I think like “Delete two zero and 15 percent off.”!

So I would stop introducing the money, and move the topic for the point of choosing exchange counter!

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There are five points to choose the safe exchange counters!

I’m often asked by people on the street where would be the safe exchange counter. But basically now all the exchange counters are safe in Bali.

But sometimes they count too fast, count mysteriously every three bills, or have tricky machine to count, so there would be the case to be cheated. Well we for Japanese can’t help it. Yes.

If you don’t want to be cheated like that, I would inform you five points to find safe exchange counters! Please at least remember this!


① The rate is too good

③ There are cameras

③ Outlook and interior is clean and wide

④ The atmosphere of the staffs are cheerful and not scared.

⑤ There are road securities or securities (A big shop)

If I inform you with the picture, it’s like this! Do you think the image is shown??

The outlook is clean,

写真 2016-02-28 13 55 27

写真 2016-02-29 17 27 11

There are securities,

写真 2016-02-28 13 41 46


The atmosphere of the staff is cheerful, and the inside is clean!

写真 2016-02-29 17 27 55

写真 2016-02-29 17 35 03

There is the security camera, too!

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On the contrary, the strange shop is opposite…!

The rate is too good compared to other shops, there are dark counter in the deep area for souvenir shop and the a little bit angry staffs are exchanging.

Well, it’s just very odd so much! (Laugh)

If you say at just bad exchange shop, “Oh! I am not scared! I didn’t know it!”, I wonder whether you grow up in the slam in Brazil. (Laugh)

Please exchange your money at the safe shops and be careful to count the money by yourself to make sure! If there are shortage, please tell them!

Plus very basic thing, but actually I didn’t understand how to count on the rate so much until recently.

That is because there is no timing to exchange money with Japanese yen, it’s OK, OK. (Laugh)


“JPY115” or “JPY120” written on the board or lighting board outside of the exchange counter, that means 1 yen is Rp.115, or Rp.120!

When the rate is “JPY115”, if you exchange 10,000 yen, the money would be 115×10,000= Rp. 1,150,000, and when the rate is “JPY120”, if you exchange 10,000 yen, 120×10,000 = Rp. 1,200,000!

So if I say the rate is good, that means “JPY○○○” is high!

When the rate is 5 more, if you exchange 10,000 yen, the price would be higher like Rp. 50,000, about 400 yen!

Well but it’s just it. You can just drink one bottle of juice or beer at the beach.

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I recommend you with having a room in your mind like “Tida apa apa (It’s OK, OK) if you come to Bali, better than irritated with saying “The exchange rate is 2 higher at the shop before!”

The rate is not so different in the town. But the difference is big at many exchange counters!

So if it’s airport, hotel, or town! I would introduce you the best timing to exchange money when you trip Bali island in the next page!

It’s best to exchange 3,000 yen at the airport of Bali and the rest would be exchanged in the town!

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What you worry when you trip abroad is the timing to exchange money, isn’t it!

You might think that maybe it’s good to exchange some money at Japan, at the airport, or etc.!

When you are in Japan, you don’t see so much shop for the exchanging money, so you might be worried where to exchange!

But related to Bali island, it’s really world known sightseeing place. There are a lot of exchange counters!

If you are in the big hotel, there would be the exchange counter in the Robbie of the hotel!

In the many exchange counters, the turn of the choosing safe exchange counter with good rate is like this!

Good Rate

① The exchange counter in the town

② The exchange counter in the hotel

③ The exchange counter at the airport in Bali

④ The exchange counter at the Japanese airport

Bad rate

Basically the rate is changing as I mentioned above, so I think it would be the best to exchange about 3,000 yen at the airport in Bali for the fee of Taxi, the tip for the driver, and juice!

After that, when you arrive a t the hotel, there are some exchange counters near the hotel, so let’s exchange money for your budget at there!


It would be good to understand the money and please have a beneficial bali trip!

As I mentioned above it’s the best timing to exchange money, safe exchange counter and the currency in Bali.

As the summery, it would be OK if you exchange a bit of money at the airport in Bali and the rest would be exchanged at the good atmosphere exchange counter!!

If you can’t find the place, please ask some people on the street! Maybe they are gently tell you about it!

Oh I recommend you to have a debit card with PLUS!!

It’s not credit, so you don’t need to be worried to spend too much and quickly withdraw money. So you can be safe to make sure how much you withdraw quickly!

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Plus there is an application for “Currency”. You can down road and need to register Indonesia Rupiah, and then it calculate like this!

写真 2016-03-05 21 10 05

You can use this for the trip not only in Bali island, too!!

I go to Malaysia often, so I register Ringgit, too!

Now that is it! Oh I miss eating a sea urchin! (Laugh)

So see you later! It is from Holi!!

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