About the Hindu temple and praying in Bali

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The local writer would inform you about the temple of religion (Hindu) in Bali.

Hello, everyone! This is from the Bali tripper’s mikata, the local writer, Holi!

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This time, the article is written not by me, but by the local friend whose name is Skarata in Bali!

He is studying Japanese and honestly not good as perfect speaker. (I’m called “Dude” sometime. Laugh)

I edit some part so that you can read it at least, but want to tell you what he wrote. So there would be a bit hard to read, but please take care of what he wrote. That would be appreciated!

He has another view and knowledge from us as Japanese in Bali, so it must be good to read this to know about Bali!

(“Gebokan” in this article is not found in Japanese! Laugh)

So now I would stop and let’s start the article about the religion and the temple in Bali that would be introduced by Skarata!

Everyone, nice to meet you. I’m Skarata who is from Bali.

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I’m still 22 years old. I studied at Gunma prefecture in Japan for two years so I can speak a bit Japanese and write Japanese. But still I’m studying.

Holi is one of my friends. Recently when I ate dinner with him, I asked him “I want to write article in Bali no mikata.”

Now I work at a big club called Sky Garden, so I can’t get not so much chance to use Japanese at the moment.


<<<The article of Sky Garden that has very cheap Buffet and is much fun is here>>


So I try to make effort to be able to speak better Japanese in this Bali tripper’s mikata.

There are good points in Bali island. Not only that the culture of Bali is unique and people in Balis are very kind.

Bali is a good island. I really want for many Japanese to know about Bali island and to introduce more about Bali.

So this time I’m going to introduce you about Hindu temple and God in Bali.

About the temple (Pla), the god (Balong) and (Randa) of Hindu

There are a lot of Islamic islands but Bali island is Hindu.

(Holi memo: Sometimes they misunderstand that Indonesia is Hindu because Hindu of Balis is famous, but Indonesia is a big Isramic country!)

The temple of Hindu in Indonesia is called “Pla”.

The temple of Hindu has different name and style if it’s the other countries.

For example, Hindu temple in Indonesia and in India are different name and style.

This picture if the temple of Hindu in Indonesia.


Balis has the most temples “Pla” in Indonesia, maybe there are more than 1,000 places.

This picture is the entrance of the temple.


Most of the temples’ entrance have this style. If the temple is big, the entrance is big as well.

When you enter the temple, you would wear this clothings.


This is the clothing of Hindu. This clothing is cute and there are various colors.

This girl’s clothing is called “Kebaya”. The boy’s clothing is called “Separi”.

This is the inside of temple (Pla). These people sit down before they pray.

(Holi memo: Mans sits down with the crossed legs. Women sit straight.)



There is the God in the temple.

Actually it’s the almost the same between Hindu of Bali and India. But there is the God only exists in Bali.


That is like this. The God is called “Balong” and Randa.

This Balong and Randa have the meaning. Balong is the god of “Goodness” and Rand is the god of “Badness”.

These two gods are in the temple (Pla). All temples don’t have these but only special big temples have them.

In the temple, sometimes they Balong dance.

(Holi memo: Balong dance has the story that describes the soul of Goodness and Badness. Tourists can watch it, too!)

There are many things like this inside of the temple.


This is called Chanan(g) and something to devote for God to be protected us by god. Offering.

We put snacks and money on the Chanan(g).

When we pray we use this Chanan(g), too. But it doesn’t need to devote snacks and money.


(Holi memo: There are a lot of Chanan(g) on the street when you come to Bali! Please don’t step on them!)

写真 2016-02-16 16 13 05

This is the picture of praying. The way is a bit hard, but people of Hindu in Bali must know how to pray.


When it’s the special day, women bring like this things to the temple(Pla).

The special day is for example the festival day and etc.

This is called gobokan. There are various fruits in there.

Any fruits is accepted. We devote them to be protected.

There are more than 1,000 temples of Hindu in Bali island.


There are various places like this with different styles.

So if you come to Bali, please take a look.

This is from Skarata.

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*PS from Holi*

There are many temples in Bali!

For example, Ulwatsu temple known by Kecha dance, Tanarot temple having beautiful sunset, Taman Ayung temple with world heritage, Busaki temple that is the largest in Bali and so on!

I recommend you to go to even one temple during your trip! You can feel the air of Bali Hindu!

To be added, the praying in the temple of Bali Hindu, that is for God for all relegeons in the world. So if the traveler or foreigners wear the formal wearing, they can pray together inside!

So see you later! This is from Holi!


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