The recommended dining place in Bali island (1)-WARUNG-

suzuri_kijiue おすすめのスパ5選 みかたブック

Selamat pagi!

This means Good morning in Japanese as the general greeting!

Today Naoto, who was stolen the wallet like Holi and the story of the accident would become the article, is going to inform you today. Cry

IMG_0224 (2)

This guy is me. Please let me tell you something for the first.

I am not good at writing at all, so I feel sorry if you get unhappy with this blog.

It makes me happy that there are people who read this blog, “Bali no mikata”, and they would get satisfied with the stories that are written by us.


By the way, I’m sending you the real information of meals of Bali island today!

As what Holi said and now I tell you again. We will tell you about the hidden shops that are not shown in the Guide book by using the five senses and by our own feet!


The style of meals in Bali island


2015-08-01 11.26.10

The picture is Nasi goren.

I think there are many people who know about that, but there are basically dining places that the local people, the surfers who live in Bali island, or people who come to Bali island for the sight seeing many times come to.


Today I am going to tell you about WARUNG mainly!


How is the WARUNG?

WARUNG is a word which is suggested the shops that deal with commodities and food and that is like 24 hours shops, but you need to consider this at the first. WARUNG is known as the dining place, so I use it as the restaurant.

2015-08-01 11.08.26

2015-08-01 20.36.56

It’s like this.


I guess it is natural, but WARUNG has different price and food depends on the places.

There are places with the clean sanitary and places with not good sanitary!


Some places show the price and the others don’t show! (Almost of all don’t show the price. Sweat)

Is that OK without showing the price?


I can say it’s alright and actually the prices for us could be more expensive.

But you don’t need to worry because two of us cost 500 yen to 600 yen with much food!

We go to WARUNG at last even though we are complaining!


Taking pictures.

2015-07-28 12.54.48

It’s not clean! Laugh

We are OK with this, but people who are very sensitive about the sanitary might not like this.

The fly is there…

Anyways, we go to NASI CAMPUR in the morning!



NASI CAMPUR means NASI= rice, CAMPUR= mix.

It is the common food of Indonesia that you can choose your favorite food in the dishes making lines in the show window and that you put white rice on the dishes. We are in the middle of the diet, but we couldn’t be in the morning-. Laugh

2015-07-28 12.54.56

We can’t be helped with it since we are growing, can we? Laugh It’s tasty. And this one is tasty, too. Tasty again.

Well, finish!

When I look at besides me, Holi’s chopstick isn’t moving. “What’s wrong?” He answered with almost crying!


“PEDAS… (Hot…)”


2015-07-31 11.04.43


Ah, Holi is the person who is not good at hot food! Laugh

I will say correctly, he is not good at hot food at all. Laugh There are many hot foods in Indonesia,

If there is someone who is not good at hot food, he or she can’t eat like Holi. please be careful!


2015-07-23 17.50.37

And we have Jalan Jalan (walking) around Kuta and Regan (the town is like Shibuya in Japan), then have the lunch.

We come to the very much recommended WARUNG, WATUNG INDONESIA in Kuta for the lunch!

I take pictures. WARUNG INDONESIA has the Japanese wife of the owner. If there is the wife, you can order in Japanese.

You can get explanation how the dish is in Japanese, so I recommend it for someone who doesn’t understand foreign language.

2015-07-31 14.42.39


2015-07-31 14.42.47


2015-08-01 08.51.18


It’s hard to explain with the pictures. Sweat

What I order is Mi goren and the meaning is Mi is noodle, goren is Fly. It’s Indonesian food it’s like Yakisoba in Japan. Seafood mi goren is the tastiest. I want to eat everyday. w


2015-07-31 15.03.31


What Holi order is Indonesian food called gado-gado.

He ordered it without knowing the details at all. Laugh

2015-07-31 15.05.28

Holi brings some into his mouth.

Holi “ Whm,,,? Whm…?” Naoto “How is it? Is that tasty?”

Holi “Whm… Uh?” He is going to make excuse!

Holi “This one is for suffers. It’s too much volume to eat.”

Holi “Ah ah, This is like this. Yes yes yes.”

Holi “This is for two people.”

Holi “Why don’t you eat it? It’s tasty.” I am forced by him to eat it.

What can I say? That is just steamed vegetable with only the salty and sweet source.


Yes. It’s not tasty.


Like this. I don’t recommend you gado gado as the main menu. w That is the image of the salad to be shared with some people!


2015-07-29 20.00.00

What kind of WARUNG is safe?


As I explained before, you can be safe if they show the picture and the price in the menu.

When you order, you just need to point out with the finger!

The price is almost 300 yen for the average!

We like the place that is dirty and we don’t know so much, but it depends on the person. The tastes and the atmosphere are various for the shops. So it would be interesting if you can find as you like, I think!


We want you to challenge WARUNG!


Even though you might have the image that WARUNG is hard to enter or is scared, I really recommend you to challenge WARUNG because of the cheap price and the tasty food! If you have something to be told, to be wanted to go like this place, to be taken, or to be shown, just anything is fine.

We would quickly answer if we can with the information and find out with using full of the body. It doesn’t matter if it’s from Homepage or Facebook. We are looking for your request for this blog! Thank you for your reading this for long time!


2015-08-01 10.34.54



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