The air making us feel local. How to trip Bali without feeling resort.

suzuri_kijiue おすすめのスパ5選 みかたブック


Hello. This is Holi who encourages Bali trippers.

I’m going to introduce you how to do local trip perfectly in Bali today.

Of course it’s joyful to trip normally in Bali island, but it would be more exciting if you know the life of people there. You can enjoy Bali as a tourist though…

Bali island has been developed as the Southern resort place for more than ten years, people from all over the world visit there now.

If you look around when you go to the town from the airport by taxi, there are many hotels and restaurants like Japanese ones. You can drink the Southern fruits juice and eat tidy decorated Nashi Chanplu.

But for me who lives here, only visiting the formally sight seeing places, eating food for the tourists and just to know the beautiful Bali are not worthy for you!

I think that you can see only the half of the attraction of Bali island.

So this time please let me introduce the way to enjoy without feeling resort in Bali island and the trip Tips of local atmosphere there.
(Sure, as much as you feel “No way!” for Japanese people!)

1. To stay the hotel that is poplar among surfers and costs less than 1,500 yen.


It’s the condition of Bali, that is built too many villas because of the rush of construction of a lot of hotels these days.
They have built the beautiful hotels with swimming pools at just the empty spaces recently and he price is about 5,000yen per a room, you can stay such hotels.
However I do recommend the reasonable hotels cost no more than 1,500 yen.
At first, with 1,500 yen, you can use the big fan, watery toilet even though there is not air conditioner, and sometimes can add breakfast and pool.
You can enjoy the level of the hotel without any problems for Japanese with such a price.
Plus the attraction is not only the price.
There are many economical WARUNG (restaurants) near the hotel! That is one of the big good points.
To be added, the cheap hotel staffs would treat you as the “friend” if you stay at expensive hotel you would be just dealt like “a customer” for Japanese. It’s going to be common sense that “Let’s go for drink after the work with splitting the cost.” 🙂
You might be asked by them like “I have a holiday tomorrow. Let’s go somewhere together!” !
Expensive resort is interesting, but there are many attractions for the cheap hotel as much as what they are.

2. Renting a motor bike.

You can rent a motor bike with Japanese international license in Bali.
Japanese people can get international license in a day at all over the license centers. Indonesia is a country that doesn’t belong to Geneva union, but there would be the special alliance about Bali island, so you can rent a motor bike.
That is my experience but there was no problem by my showing international license when I actually was stopped by the policeman. (Please take a responsibility by yourselves because there is no evidence yet!)
Once you rent a motor bike, the act of yours gets wider than before!
The sight seeing place of Bali island is only limited places, so if you go out from the area, you can feel the simple atmosphere of Bali and there are many attractions sight seeing people’s trip can’t get.
*Let’s wear your helmet!”




3. Food fee less than 300 yen.




They sell food as expensive as Japanese ones in sight seeing area (especially main street) like Kuta, Regan, Sminyack, Jinbalan.
But local people can’t pay so much as such a price for one meal.
Maybe 100 yen to 300 yen per one meal, if it’s expensive around 500 yen.
Let’s find the meal with such a price! You may need to leave from the town a bit, but only just a couple blocks walk down, you can find many cheap restaurants.
Generally, the cheap restaurants are called “WARUNG”, Nashichample Warung, Sate Warung, Sotoayam (Chicken soop) Warung and so on. Theere are many restaurants sell only one dish. It would be good to eat Nashigoren at a restaurant but Nashigoren at Warung is very tasty.

4. Anyway laugh!



People in Bali are tend to laugh enough to be told laughing island!
Surely the economy is not as much as Japanese. They have many people who have no jobs and are annoyed because of the poverty for the meal today. The sanitary of toilet and shower is bad. But anyway they laugh! The laughter effects are more than calculated for our mentality!
It seems they look unfriendly. But if you say “Hello! Apakabal? (“How are you?”) with your smile, they would say “Bye! Bye! (We are fine!)” Why don’t you settle down and spend time with them? You yourself would be angry in the crowded train in Japan. You just feel stressed out with whatever you do. Yourself is controlled by the schedule book. You might complain under the nervous circumstance, and may find the reason with a good way. You can’t get out of it. All things would be silly!

I see some Japanese having the Japanese atmosphere but you just come to Bali. Please spend time with smile as double as usual.

As the last

This time I have introduced you a bit strange way of trip for Bali.
Maybe you can be attracted and can be tasted the view by the different food as usual and by the different quality smile.

Let’s get started!





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