Trip to Bali island. How much do you need to enjoy per day?

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Japanese people, hello. This is Holi.

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The pork baked full of the body. Scarely.

Well, you might say “How much just do you need to pay for the Bali trip??”

I will write about the money you would care, too.


Bali trip, how much totally does it need??


What guide books write is about dining bar along the ocean and the fee is 30 dollars or 40 dollars or the very famous spa cost over 100 dollars… Expensive.

It could be necessary such a bit rich thing as one big event,

though you can’t spend so much money everyday.


So today

I’m going to write about the payment of the drinks or snacks of 24 hours shop,

the normal meal in all town, town spa,

or the money that you need as usual in the trip,


Three patterns that totally share of the range of prices


In Bali island, things are so cheap basically!

But actually it is the world famous sight seeing place, the price is depends on the places.

The materials along the main street are expensive. The farer you go from the city, the cheaper things are. That is the image.

Since there are about three patterns, I’m going to introduce them.


1.Along the main street


At the main street of the district (that is written in the guide book) that has many hotels

There are many restaurants with so so expensive (however it’s within 2,000 yen) price for the tourists.

We don’t go there at all, so there is no picture…

Well that is something having many beautiful pictures of the guide books.


2.Along the street


To be added, there are many restaurants if you leave from the street.

At such places it would cost about 500 yen to 800 yen.

This kind of the shop.

写真 2015-08-12 13 07 16

写真 2015-08-12 13 12 18

写真 2015-08-12 13 12 29

写真 2015-08-12 13 03 31

写真 2015-08-12 13 04 04

写真 2015-08-12 13 03 39

写真 2015-08-12 19 41 43



The places that people who stay for long term or who are local has cheaper price. About more and less, 200 yen.

If you just come to Bali, please go to the warung!

The article about warung is here. “The recommended dining place in Bali (1) –WARUNG-“

Like this.

写真 2015-07-22 11 28 55

写真 2015-07-22 11 11 32

写真 2015-08-09 21 28 15

写真 2015-08-09 21 27 38

The price is different and depends on the 24 hours shop even though that is the same kind of shop?!

At first when I arrived at Bali I was surprised, but almost of all the prices are not fixed in Bali island!

The price of cigarette is different at the shop even though the next door and actually the same circle K has the different price depends of the location.


This was 40 yen at the next 24 hours shop near by! Like this thing happens always. (Laugh)

I will show you the pictures, since I took them for you to see the price and items at the 24 hours shop!

写真 2015-08-08 22 05 45

写真 2015-08-08 22 06 04

写真 2015-08-08 22 08 04

写真 2015-08-08 22 08 13

写真 2015-08-08 22 08 16

写真 2015-08-08 22 04 08

写真 2015-08-08 22 04 15

写真 2015-08-08 22 04 22

写真 2015-08-08 22 04 52

写真 2015-08-08 22 05 08

写真 2015-08-08 22 05 27


It’s the 24 hours shop that is located in the middle of sight seeing place,

so all the prices are a bit expensive!


You can enjoy with about 3,000 yen per a day!

I showed you various prices, but they are quite cheap, aren’t they!


I had been to Bali twice in the past. So by the memory of that time, I will write how I spent time and how much it cost in here!


A day of an average tourist

Breakfast: Buffet of the hotel 0 yen

Lunch: the restaurant in the town 500 yen

Evening: Beer at the beach 300 yen

Dinner: the Restaurant in the town 1000 yen (including alcohol)

Spa in the town: foot reflexology 600 yen per one hour

Taxi: to the hotel 200 yen

Meal at the night : the southern fruits that I bought at the super market 300 yen


Total: 2900 yen


Even though the plenty of acts the fee is within about 3000 yen per a day!

It would be the big fee if you add rich spa, restaurant, water spots, charter for a car and etc, something like that!

When you eat dinner at the sight seeing place, it would cost about 3,000 yen in Japan.


A day of the cheapest cost for us. (As the reference)

Breakfast: Bread 80 yen, tea 10 yen

Lunch: Nashichapchai at a warung 200 yen

Snack: Donut and fantastic juice 50 yen

Dinner: Megren 250 yen


Total 590yen


Yes. It’s like this everyday.


Today I introduced the price of the materials in Bali since you wonder how much it would cost to enjoy in Bali island?!

With 3,000 yen × days + the fee of the event (Spa, good restaurant, water sports and etc.) you can enjoy, I think!

Actually its cheap! The power of Japanese yen is strong…

Of course if you think something to do, you can get cheaper or more expensive than this.

We always go outside in a day,

But when we don’t use money, it could be within 500 yen!

The fee of the air plain is a bit more expensive than domestic trip. However when you can take a little bit longer holidays, by the consideration of the total cost, you might be able to spend time in Bali cheaper, more joyful and richer than domestic ones!

Please let us know when you come here indeed!

We will show you that shop that you want to go in this blog!!

Ah-. “I have come to Bali because of this blog”,

I wish someone with saying like this come soon…

See you later!

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