The southern paradise How about the honeymoon in Bali island?

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It’s continuously hot everyday in Japan!

Bali is hot but it’s confortable!

This is Naoto who enjoys each day.

I have a habit that I address Japanese when I find him or her in Bali island recently!

In them, many people who have their honeymoon come to Bali island!


I will write about Honeymoon in Bali island today!

What it the reason to choose Bali island for the honeymoon?

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There are getting more people to go to Bali island for their honeymoon, that makes us smile indeed!


Bali island is the island as you know.

The island is surrounded by the ocean! You know that, don’t you?

Hawaii, Guam, Maldive, Phuket Fiji, Dubayy, Cancun, and etc.

There are many popular islands for the honeymoon, but the place is not bad at all is Bali island!!!


The reason that they chose Bali island as their honeymoon. 1

At first the sea!

Famous beaches are there many.

Kuta beach, Nusadu beach, Jingbarang beach,

Sumawag beach, Renbongan island.

It’s like that as the famous places.

At all of them, you can see the beautiful sun set, spend romantic time that make you relaxed with eating tasty meal, and enjoy water sports.

It depends on the place but some place would let you enjoy spa with watching the ocean!

I think that is worthy to go only for this.

There is someone who might think “Only ocean doesn’t make me satisfied.” in the readers of this!


Bali island is not only for the sea.


The reason that they chose Bali island as their honeymoon. 2

There are a lot of places for the sight seeing!


I think many people know about it but there is the place called Ubud that is located having the distance from the central town.

Ubud is known as the city of art.

That is the area considered as “The main place of the Bali island culture”.

At Ubud, you can eat the meal relaxed with watching rice terrace, see the factory of silver works, enjoy the rafting at Ayun river, look at the monkey forest that let you touch with monkeys, and go for the sight seeing to the Gnun Ruba temple.


The reason that they chose Bali island as their honeymoon. 3

Shopping is interesting as well!


2015-08-23 13.26.24

There are full of shops in Bali island.

I will introduce some poplar shops.


This is the shop in Sminyack.

The shop is poplar because of the Ata knitting!

The basket bag that has the good quality and so on is poplar.

“Jenbara Keramick”

This is a shop in Jinbaran.

The shop is poplar because there are plenty of artistic dishes.

“Mol Bali Galleria”

This shop is next to the tax free shop in Kuta.

“Bing Tang Super”

That shop is a famous super market in Sminyack.

You can buy souvenir or food with reasonable prices.


The reason they choose for their honeymoon Bali island 4

Spa at VIP room! Honeymoon package!

2015-08-25 17.55.15


I get to know recently but there is the package called Honeymoon package that you can have the best spa with a couple at VIP room.


Unfortunately we have no partners to go with, so we can’t experience. Laugh


As the end


One of the reason why they choose Bali island for their honeymoon is the many varieties of choices that allow you experience various things which you just spend time for the one thing. I think that is the reason of the popularity.


I’m writing this with the feeling to inform you the attraction of Bali island.

It would be very best if there are some people who come to Bali because of this blog.

We are waiting for you with the excitement!!


2015-08-25 16.28.30


This is from Naoto!

Thank you for your reading this!


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