No guide books tell about this! The nasty food of Bali island!

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Nasty foods are not mentioned in guide books.


Gradually people at souvenir shops are not interested in me, I’m Holi.


写真 2015-09-27 20 45 45


Three months has passed already, so maybe it’s like this. I just feel so…

By the way, as the guide books tell us, there are many tasty food in Bali island.

Nashigoreng and Migoreng represent so much, Chapchai, Ikanbakar, etc.


But the nasty food that doesn’t fit to Japanese people is not told!

So I who has stayed for three months would pick up three things that make me feel “No way!” or “What is this?” in the foods I have tried this time.

However it’s just my personal opinion! (laugh)

Basically there are great foods!


No mention in guide books! Worth to take a look! Honestly this is not tasty, Bali island!



Gado Gado is Indonesian dish, it has egg plant kind of vegetable with peanuts source.

As the article of Naoto (here) said about this before, I couldn’t eat it at all…

Whmmm…. Even though you try to eat to finish, the taste is just vegetable, the image is to eat vegetable that are tipped on the ramen of Jiro kind.

It is likely to be written as the main dish with other food at every Warung or restaurants. But if you order it as the main dish, you absolutely would fail!!!

I guess I haven’t seen anybody who eats this.

But there are many shops which sell this… Why?


  1. Snake Fruit SALAK

写真 2015-09-30 16 06 21


Snake Fruit is called SALAK in Bali island. As they say, it looks the skin of snake and just not like fruit. But when you get the peel out, the white fruit like garlic is appeared.

If you go to the super market or market in the town, you can find it very easily with the price, 20 yen per 100g.

But it’s nasty.


Yes, this is nasty. Well but it’s nasty.


写真 2015-09-30 16 06 15


The feeling of the bite is crispy more than I thoughs.

But, I don’t know, quite smelly.

It’s not unique, but stinky!

The taste is… an apple that is not better quality modified at all.

Maybe it could be because it’s rainy season now. If someone who eats and comes here in rainy season, please tell me if it’s stinky or sweet. I don’t want to eat it anymore!!


  1. Fresh Teat(FRESH THE)

写真 2015-09-30 16 06 59


写真 2015-09-30 16 07 20



This is Green tea that is not special but daily and all 24 shops or Warung have it in Bali island.

The price is not so much as 100 yen at the 24 hours shops that are located in the central tourist place.

If you buy it in a super market, it would cost 60 yen!

Why do I pick up this? Because it’s sweet, too sweet!

I would say it’s sweet water with the flavor of green tea, not so much like sweet green tea.

If you try to drink with the image of Japanese green tea, you would spill out!!

It could be common to put sugar into Green tea overseas. But if you get used to Japanese tea, maybe you can’t drink at all.

Yes, green tea is without sugar.

Well, you can try to buy it because you are not able to drink like that in Japan.


For the extra edition Checkel (CEKER)


写真 2015-09-30 19 03 37

写真 2015-09-30 19 03 21


CEKER is the soup boiled with the leg of chicken, obvious finger legs are tipped very much.

Perhaps there is no information in guide books.

This dish is very poplar among Indonesian people recently, so many restaurants sell them everyday. But at the moment with being served the dish, I would get pail.

Actually I can’t see it for long time.

Because it’s only leg!!!

It’s like this. (Be careful to see)


写真 2015-09-30 19 03 27


It’s not that we get to know the shape but you can clearly see the point of the nail or feeling of the quality of chicken’s skin.

Having this in your mouth is very difficult. (Laugh)

I don’t know if it’s tasty, so I picked up as the extra edition.

Please eat this, I will take you!!!!


Do you challenge the nasty food of Bali island???


So now I have chosen the nasty food in Bali island this time.

GADO GADO, Snake fruit, Fresh tea, Checkel.

Wow. I feel awful by just watching the words.

For someone who has been to Bali island or has stayed Bali for long time, why not challenge them?

You can try with within 500 yen if you make effort.

For someone who is for the first trip to Bali island, if you want to have all the good memory, please don’t try!!

Nashigoreng, Mangosting and Mango Juice are enough! (Laugh)

So see you then!









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