How about going to the movie theater by trip Bali? Shocking moment frequently because of the difference of the culture!

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Sunset is beautiful in Bali even though the winter season.

Hello! This is from Holi.

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It has been a bit long time to renew this blog.

Actually, this trip in Bali, a big plan is making forward.

So that is why we are quite busy.

It’s still secret but don’t miss it!


By the way, it sometimes rains heavily in the Bali for the rainy season.

When we hear about “rainy season”, I guess Japanese rainy season is similar like everyday wet and wet. We tent to think like that.

But there is no day as rain is all day.

Suddenly it’s wet but sunny as usual in a day.

I think it would be better for the sky to be clean with the small dust falling in the air by the bit rain.

Surely we can see the sunset!


写真 2015-11-22 18 09 21


It’s the best condition for the getter sunshine (the professional getter sunshine) 🙂

To be added, as one of my best friend called Yayan, “there is no rain in Kuta because the light erase cloud in the sky (with the serious face)”. There is information as so.

What is that? 🙂

Well, the chat would be spoiled.


I’m going to write about the movie theater in Bali today!


There are getting more and more movie theaters in these a couple years around Kuta like Beach walk, Park 33 or Rippo mall.

“What? I don’t go to a movie theater when I trip.” But you, don’t miss it!

It’s very different in the movie theater of Bali.

Please have a look.


Oh, no way! Only about 400 yen with watching a movie?! The movie theater in Rippo mall of Kuta.


This time the one I went it like this!

Rippo mall Kuta!

The Xmas mood is there, don’t you think? It’s hot! 🙂


写真 2015-11-30 14 53 05


This is the big construction including the Hyper mart of super market in the underground and the famous Baker shop in Bali called “Bali working place”. (There is WIFI).

The picture below is the movie theater that exists calmly besides the hyper market and the underground.

写真 2015-11-23 18 46 38


写真 2015-11-23 18 46 29


How to buy the ticket is the same as Japan. We just say the name of the movie and the number of the customers at the counter.


写真 2015-11-23 18 13 35


The bit difference is that the price is changed depends on the day.

The price of Friday to Sunday with many audiences is about Rp70,000 (about 620yen) and the ticket from Monday to Thursday is Rp50,000 (450 yen.)!!

It’s cheap!

Very cheap!

I was surprised because I got used to 1,800 yen of the Japanese one!

There is no information of the price at there in the guide book.


The movie I chose this time is called Boruto!


写真 2015-11-23 18 48 19


Not only Bali, but Indonesia, is influenced by Japanese animation very much and there are no young people, I think, who don’t know about, Dragon ball to be sure, Doraemon, Hello kitty, Seiler moon, and Naruto that I chose.


There are many Manga at the book shop!


写真 2015-11-05 18 05 24


Even thought the weekday, the ticked is almost sold out before 30 min to start.


写真 2015-11-23 18 46 51


Safely I could buy the ticket. I had a bit time so bought the coke at Hyper mart.


写真 2015-11-23 18 24 05


It’s more expensive to buy a coke with the can than the pet bottle even though the small quantity.

There is already line when it’s nearly time to start.


写真 2015-11-23 18 56 46


It’s good to see. Many couples are there.

On the contrary, almost no children come.

The picture below shows like that.


写真 2015-11-23 18 58 43


The screen is a bit smaller than Japanese big ones.

I think it’s for about 100 people.

But Rippo mall is just new and opens for a couple years, so it’s very clean.


写真 2015-11-23 18 59 15


The seat is orange and the chair is soft!


写真 2015-11-23 19 00 48


The drinking holder is too close for the leg because of the narrow space, so a bit cold.

Like Japanese movies, there are advertisements of the different movies for 10 min.

So now the start!


The stage is getting dark…


Oh, noisy! 🙂


No, lightning! 🙂

No way, are you sure?

The sound is louder than Japanese one so much, so it’s maybe exciting!!

The contrast of the screen, or the volume of the lighting, is very strong, I guess it would be very much stimulus!! 🙂

But it’s the level that there are people who faint.

I wonder if it’s similar to the shocking news of Pokemon long time ago…

The movie shows that the story to make people laugh, then they laugh!



This, this is the difference of the culture. Now the Sasuke is there.

“Oh, Sasuke”


“Isn’t it Sasuke?”

“Go, Sasuke!”


The conversation, that I can hear starts.

I think it’s like we are watching a big TV.

As this, the movie finished. When the end roll of the movie begins, inside are lighted, and 80 percent of the audience are leaving.

The people who think movie when we trip are bothering should challenge ones in Bali.

This time was Japanese movie.

The voice was in Japanese, the words were in English and in Indonesian. Japanese people who don’t understand English at all can enjoy, I think.

But the content of the movie is not the point. We can see the difference of the culture by the too much volume of the lighting, the sound and the reaction of the audience. Why not try once!

While the heated lunch time, it’s time to go to the movie theater with the air conditioner, then after it’s cooler, you can take a walk in the town. Don’t you think it’s good?

That it’s now. This time is the report of the “Movie theater” in Bali.



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