The ways for the transportation in Bali island! Perfect just reading this before your trip!

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The real information site for the tripper of Bali island, “Bali-no-mikata!. The edition of ways for the transportation!

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Hello! This is Holi!

Two weeks has passed since we moved in Bali island, it’s so fast.

I finally found the place to live,

but there were still many things that made me surprised,

so I’m managing that everyday!

Anyways, it’s so hot!!

I have got much sunshine since I came to Bali island.

But it’s dried and cool at in the morning and at the night,

If you come here in the rainy season, please bring something to wear!

So now I’m going to write about the way for the transportation in Bali island that you absolutely use when you are in Bali.


What is the way of transportation in Bali island like?

There are no trains or underground like Japan,

Basically the thing that runs on the street is common.

However there are many ways for the transportation indeed since it’s the world sight seeing place.

I will introduce you some things I saw for this about two weeks


 1.Taxi (The charge for the first is about 70 yen)

There are quite many taxies in the town!

The kinds of the taxies are various,

but the safest is the blue bird taxi!

写真 2015-07-31 14 26 21


2.Circular tour bus

In Bali island, something like Japanese private bus is running!

The price depends on the buys, but the traffic is always heavy, so

you don’t know the time for the bus to come.

Well they are a bit nor punctual, that is the basic style in Bali island.

写真 2015-08-06 9 38 42

Mai Mai bus of HIS (Only he tourists of having HIS package is available, and it’s free!)

写真 2015-08-02 17 42 21



Kura Kura bus (Everyone can ride. The fee is from Rp20,000. It seems like there is a function of digital money!


3.Bike taxi (The payment is from Rp20,000 (about 200 yen))

I hear from local people that Bike taxi called GOJECK just started recently.

I don’t see them so often though.

When it’s the traffic jam, the bike that can go through on the street would go smoothly!

写真 2015-08-05 14 04 44

This helmet is the sign!

写真 2015-08-05 14 04 34



4.Shuttle bus (The payment is from RP35,000 (about 350 yen))

There are many shuttle bus companies in Bali island and you can go to the target directly!

It’s the system that needs you to ride after you buy the tickets at the counter.

PREMA that is located near Bemo corner on the Regan street! There are the staff who can speak a bit Japanese.

写真 2015-08-05 12 34 42

写真 2015-08-03 16 37 47


5.Rental bike (The payment is about Rp50,000 per a day (About 500 yen) *You can negotiate)


There are many bikes for the rent in Bali island.

Many shops rent the bike being put side by side on the street like this picture.

The main bikes are 100cc to 250cc.

It has better to get international license if you want to ride.

If there is someone who rides the bike always and who stays at the hotel more than for one week, it could be cheaper and easier to rent a bike.

写真 2015-08-02 12 33 07

Besides that, there are many people who are the guide for the sight seeing as their personal jobs in the town.

The charter for a car cost you about 6,000 yen including the petrol in a day,

The driver would take you various places. It could be cheaper to share the money if there are more than four people?


Which one is recommended? Which is the dangerous?

I came to Bali island for the trip a couple times and have lived here for about a half of a month, as the image of this town, anything is so dangerous so much basically!

I haven’t heard that they asked you like too expensive fee.

Since this island is considered that the main economy is the sight seeing,

they would not cheat you not to get less tourists.

If I recommend you, it is surely Blue bird.

There are many taxies that are similar to the Blue bird as below!

写真 2015-07-31 14 31 08

写真 2015-07-31 14 31 07

But after they finish the work at night,

the pretended taxies are a lot in all over the town!

If you use the pretended taxi, please negotiate the price first so that the price would be fixed.

You might regret that they ask you expensive price after you reach the target.

If there is someone who would stay for a bit long time, please rend a bike!

They would offer you a little bit of discount if you rent the bike for one week.


Please challenge even if you don’t get used to!

Today I sent you the message about the ways for the transportation!

How great the sight seeing island is!  There are many ways of transportation!

Even if it gets more expensive, it would be just only some yen.

Please experience with the brave attitude even though you don’t get used to it!

People from Australia or Western countries just ride on the negotiated automobile and they don’t use taxies with showing the price per meter.

Without your expectation, it becomes a memory much more with something you amazed or stimulated in the future.


We accept the question where to rent a bike with the cheap price,

, the request for the introduction of the sage personal guide,

or honestly the necessity for a day guide.

Please get contact to the facebook and message below!


That’s it! Sanpaijunpa!











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