“Cheapest Icecream in Bali “Paddle Pop”, I’ll review every taste!!”

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I want to report so much about the cheap icecream of Bali with all kinds because the tastes are too good!


Everyone, hello!

This is Holi who is the local writer of Bali-no-mikata!

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I’m starting with my bad English this time again, I’m sorry!

But actually we have getting more people who read this blog in foreign countries after we started English writing. We try to make effort.

By the way, it’s already the end of the year. How did you spend this year??

What kind of year are you trying to have for the next year?

There is vacation in the end of the year, so many Japanese tourists enjoy the vacation at Bali island every year!

They would hold a glass of juice with the sticking fruit at the white beach under the hot sunshine. (Laugh)

For the people who spend the time elegantly as so, or for the back packers who try to enjoy the cheapest trip,

There is an icecream that I really want to recommend!!

Icecream again? If there is someone who might think “Icecream again?” Ah-, I’m sorry. I love icecream.


You would lose without this! Chocolate ice (Magnum) is too tasty


The icecream that I mentioned before is one of the series of Magnum and the Magnum is the rich ice for local people with the base of Chocolate.


This time, it is going to be the introduction of the cheapest icecream that is like Japanese icecream Gari Gari Kun in Bali island!

That is this! Paddle Pop series.

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This time! We bought all kinds! (Laugh)


写真 2015-12-22 15 24 49


Well, naturally, friends who ate them together had broken tommy. (Laugh)


This is the report with such spoiled health! Please read this!


“Introduction for the cheapest icecream in Bali island” Went to 24 hours shop four times! Report about all 8 kinds of icecream!

You can find today’s theme Paddle pop everywhere!

Anyways, we go to the 24 hours shop which is located in front of the souvenir shop that my friend Yayan works!


写真 2015-12-22 15 32 44


We found! Ice box!


写真 2015-12-22 14 52 26


写真 2015-12-22 14 52 02


Then that is the paddle pop which is in the depth!


写真 2015-12-22 14 52 08


We buy 2 kinds, anyways!


写真 2015-12-22 14 53 46

These two kinds as the first introduction, actually there are Haribo inside the icecream!!

It contains Gumi and icecream. For me that is the ideal icecreams…


写真 2015-12-22 14 57 10

写真 2015-12-22 14 55 34

The blue one on the top is OCEAN FREEZE. The price is Rp4,000 (about 35 yen)! Cheap! When you open this, it’s like that!


写真 2015-12-22 14 56 10


You can see the red Haribo inside the icecream!


写真 2015-12-22 14 56 30


The taste is like citrus fruit and you can refresh with this! Haribo is iced with good condition, so tasty.

And then for the next, DINO FREEZE! The price is a bit cheap and it cost Rp3,500 (about 30 yen)


写真 2015-12-22 14 56 18


写真 2015-12-22 14 56 24


This report, I thought that I couldn’t eat them all, needs help Yayan who is working!

Perhaps it melted once on the way to the 24 hours shop. (Laugh)

The tastes is Strawberriesh!! Ok! Next! (Dash to 24 hours shop!)

The woman at the shop says “aa? Lagi?! (Again)?!”


写真 2015-12-22 14 59 21

What we get are 2 flavors!

写真 2015-12-22 15 00 53


On the top, COLOR POPPER. The price is Rp4,000 (about 35 yen)!


写真 2015-12-22 15 01 50


The orange part on the top is Chocolate, and it contains cracking elements inside the chocolate.


写真 2015-12-22 15 02 49


Well, it’s normally not clicking. (Laugh)


写真 2015-12-22 15 03 00


But it has the layers inside seriously!

The taste is… Whm. The mix of chocolate and the crunchy part makes me honestly tastes so so. (Laugh)


The turn of Yayan is for DRAGON POP. The price is also Rp4,000 (about 35 yen)!


写真 2015-12-22 15 01 22


It melted again. (Laugh)

写真 2015-12-22 15 02 44

写真 2015-12-22 15 02 35


Sure, it isn’t clicking, he says. (Laugh)


写真 2015-12-22 14 58 07

Why not putting icecream just when you are talking on the phone. (Laugh)

While Yayan is calling, I go get 24 hours shop to buy the next icecream!


写真 2015-12-22 15 07 07


The third times, continuously. She doesn’t laugh at all. (Laugh)

What I get are these two flavors!


写真 2015-12-22 15 08 27


The stripe one on the top is FRUITY ZAP! This one is the most expensive and cost Rp5,000 (about 45yen)!

When I open the package, it’s like this!


写真 2015-12-22 15 09 04


As the most expensive one, if I compared to other icecreams, it has much inside, I think!

Not like crunchy ice, but the pack of snow.


写真 2015-12-22 15 09 50


This one is Yayan’s part.

BANANA POAT! The price is RP4,500 (about 40 yen)


写真 2015-12-22 15 08 42


It is something like you ice the yellow jelly part and if it’s melted, that is going to be good!

写真 2015-12-22 15 10 13

写真 2015-12-22 15 11 05

The white part tastes like Milk and the yellow part smells Banana!

Yayan “This one is the best ever! I feel cold. (Serious face)

Holi “It’s OK! No worries! You can eat one more! (Laugh)!


So now as the last time we go to the 24 hours shop!

写真 2015-12-22 15 16 01


Wow. The smile is back!! (Laugh)


The icecreams we got are two kinds like this!

These are chocolate tastes, aren’t they!


写真 2015-12-22 15 18 28

The one on the top is CHOCO MAGMA! The price is Rp4,000 (about 35 yen)!


写真 2015-12-22 15 20 57


写真 2015-12-22 15 22 01


Honestly we didn’t eat cholate kinds because there is Magnum, but this one is very good with the cheap price!

The taste is similar to the icecream that my father gave me from Japanese gamble game long time ago.


The last one! Rainbow Power! The price is the cheapest of all, Rp3,000 (about 25 yen)


写真 2015-12-22 15 21 12


He is out of control! (Damejan in Japanese!!)

That is natural.

Actually there is no biological protection from cold food for Indonesian people!

There is a custom, that is cold thing is not good for their health, people just drink hot tea even though the temperature is more than 30 celcius!

Yayan is of course the Indonesian person. He hasn’t eaten so many icecream ever since he was born. (Laugh)


写真 2015-12-22 15 22 09


Holi “Yayan. What taste is it like? Is that good?”

Yayan (with fast speaking) “I don’t know anymore. My tommy aches, I’m sorry.”

As with the last comment, he disappeared to the restroom…


写真 2015-12-22 15 17 54


Thank you for your good job. (Laugh)


That is it, it is the report of the total being 8 kinds of icecream Paddle Pop which has the very cheap price in Bali island!!

写真 2015-12-22 15 24 49


When you come to Bali island, please try to eat the very cheap price icecream at least once! It would be good to use the rest of the change for the last shopping of the trip!


This introduced Paddle pop, as I mentioned before, is the item is always there basically at 24 hours shops in Bali island, so please taste one of them when you are tired or you cannot help staying under the roof because of the rain.

Oh, it could be good, too, when you want to use the rest of money for the last shopping of your trip, since it’s very cheap!

To be added, my best one is the icecream with Haribo.

Yayan who is the guilty of this time recommends banana tesat one.


写真 2015-12-22 15 27 04


So see you later! It is from Holi!


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