Part 1. The party of Bali no mikata in Kanda (Tokyo)

バリ島旅行のみかたLINEスタンプ バリ島旅行のみかたオリジナルTシャツ


The introduction of the party held the other day.


Hello everyone! This is Holi who is the main writer of Bali no mikata!

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I finished safely the visiting in Japan for 2 weeks and now I am back to Bali with a lot of gods.


This time, I would report you about the first party held recently!!


Oh, I honestly am surprised. Why… There are so many people who read this, aren’t there!!


There had been very few people for the several months in the beginning to access this site. So we were worried.

We held the party this time and that made me able to speak with various people who read this. I was so glad!


I would introduce you such a party, so please check this for people who attended and who couldn’t attend this time!


We just hope that you just feel that “Whm… it was like that.” This time. (Laugh)


Now let’s start Bali no mikata slowly.


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>>Next page the start was 19 o’clock, but we arrived at the office 18 o’clock.



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