You would lose without this! Chocolate ice (Magnum) is too tasty

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Introducing the tasty ice (Magnum) in Bali island


Hello! This is Holi!

It’s October. Japan is Fall, so it’s the season for sports meeting.

There are few tourist in Bali of October, the good air flight like Garuda Indonesia would have reasonable price.


There is so much atmosphere of autumn in Japan, but Bali is very hot as usual.

But they don’t use air conditioner more than our thoughts, it’s cool if you go to dark area.


However they eat ice cream so much.

You have no image of ice in Bali, actually there are many good ice creams.

I would introduce the tastiest ice today!


About the tasty ice “Magnum” of Bali island


写真 2015-10-02 19 59 22

Magnum! Magnum!!

When I checked it, the ice itself is not only for Bali, but the ice is started in England more than that is very poplar among US and Asia.


However, they don’t sell them in Japan!


Why? You just go out from Japan, you can’t miss without eating this!

Especially this Magnum, it seems a bit expensive in Europe and costs 2 euro (270yen)!


Such ice is of course reasonable if it’s sold in Bali!


Plus this ice is very common for people to buy, so basically 24 hours shop has it everywhere in sight seeing place!

There are about 4 or 5 kinds of ice cream, sometimes they sell special season new products!


I suppose new product now as this! Magnum “Raspberry chocolate taste”


写真 2015-10-02 19 57 18


It looks like similar to Palm of Morinaga in Japan.

There is white chocolate taste as well as Palm.


写真 2015-10-02 19 56 42


Well personally Magnum wins because of the price and the taste…


Inside of beautiful Magnum of Bali island is like this.

This time I bought it under ground of Rippo mall (the Kartica plaza street in Kuta) in Hyper mart, the price was Rp11,900 (97 yen).

写真 2015-10-02 19 57 34

写真 2015-10-02 19 59 37

How cheap is it with less than 100 yen, it’s more than my thoughts.

Surely that is influenced by the rate of currency, but I think it’s alright to pay more.


I try to open the Magnum!

写真 2015-10-02 20 29 50


The size of a Magnum is like this.


写真 2015-10-02 20 28 40



写真 2015-10-02 20 28 28


This ice is melted not only if it’s get strong sun shine but wind, so be careful.

Long time ago, I was eating Gari Gari kun when I was riding a bike in Japan. So I would understand that. (Laugh)

写真 2015-10-02 20 31 12

If I open the package, it’s like this.

写真 2015-10-02 20 31 51


Outside of chocolate coating and inside chocolate ice is absolutely good!


写真 2015-10-02 20 34 37


This time I bought the ice with caramel!


写真 2015-10-02 20 33 45

Now I quickly finished!!


写真 2015-10-02 20 37 47

That is not understating without eating this if you come to Bali island.


Well, this time was introduction of very popular ice, Magnum in Bali.

You can’t miss this indeed if you are in Bali.

With this quality and with this price, there is nothing to say.


If you eat this, it’s the best.


Not only Hyper mart in that I bought Magnum this time, underground of Rippo mall, there is “Bali workshop” that has very tasty Hamburg even though it’s a bakery shop. The manager whose name is Mr. Hitomi recommends so much about it as well!! (Laugh)


写真 2015-10-02 20 35 28


You can eat Hamburg at Bali workshop and walk down in the town, which looks good,too!

So bye bye now! This is from Holi!!

*I heard that this ice is sold with Rp30,000 (250yen) at 24 hours shop sometimes.

You need to check how much it would cost before you buy.


写真 2015-10-02 20 41 17




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