The recently popular beach sandal “Fipper” in Bali, the shop report!

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The introduction of very poplar beach sandal in Bali!

I notice there are sandal which sightseeing and local people wear in Bali island.

Hello everyone! This is from Holi who is the local writer for Bali no mikata.

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The graduation trip season in February and March finished and the calm and peaceful season has come. (Laugh)

About me, I invited a lot of friends from Japan and had busy days. I stepped on sea urchin and got eye disease. (Laugh)

Well by the way, when you hear about Bali, maybe there would be the sun and beaches. Beach, yes, beach sandal!

I had one beach sandal which I bought in Japan, but it was broken recently. So I have been looking for beach sandal.

But if I wear the beach sandal with the logo of “I love Bali”, it would be weired a bit. Actually the sandals that are sold in the town are easily to be broken!! They are not as good as the sandal that are sold in Japanese 100 yen shop. (laugh)

So when I see the people around me, I noticed that there are many people who wear some beach sandals!

The tourist of Bali and local friends, too. Yes, that is the beach sandal I checked called “Fipper”!!

写真 2016-03-25 17 35 15

It seems to be poplar, so I asked many shops about beach sandal to buy!

So now the Bali no mikata has started!

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“fipper” is the sandal maker that was made in Malaysia! One pair of sandal costs Rp70,000 (About 560 yen) ~

The way you pronounce is fipper in English, but many Indonesian say faiper!

When I check about it, I found that was made in Malaysia and not in Bali of Indonesia.

Malaysia and Indonesia have similar culture and the language is almost the same!

I could use Indonesian language very much when I went to Kuala Lumper last time.

The distance is close. It would take just the same from Jakarta in Indonesia to Malaysia and to Bali.

There are famous beaches such as Langkawi and Penang, aren’t there!

The sandal that is made in the similar circumstance must fit to Bali in Indonesia!

Feel The item concept written on the board of the shop for fipper is “Feel the rubber”.the Rubber」

写真 2016-03-25 17 25 44

The meaning is “Please feel the rubber”!.

You would know if you wear it, but it fits inside and you feel good. The more you wear the fitting is good for the shape of your feet.

To be added, it would be considerable for the environment since they use natural rubber and recycling is available.

The Anti Bacteria and Slip Resistant are thought for the comfortability and there are many colors and kinds for the fashion. If you see the shop they would have some hundred kinds. (Laugh)

写真 2016-03-25 17 25 51

They have many colors and it looks like very Southern island!

写真 2016-03-25 17 48 55

Such fipper beach sandal, it costs just Rp.70,000 (about 560yen) ~!!!

Wow, that is cheap!! (Sounds like a recent net shopping. Laugh)

But it would be cheaper when you buy it in Malaysia!!

Well, the Japanese net shop sells 2,200 yen! Whm…. It is expensive.

You should buy it in Bali. Bali island. (Laugh)

How shocking! The shop keepers don’t know the difference. (Laugh)

The shop I went this time is here! Fipper Kuta branch!

写真 2016-03-25 17 25 33

The shop is in front of HIS Kuta branch! The street name is Japaranpan Thaikuta!

The shop itself is not so big, but many customers come to the shop!

写真 2016-03-25 17 33 23

When you enter, you are shocked at the various colors!

写真 2016-03-25 17 25 55

During the trip you can choose outstanding one which you usually don’t buy!

When I see around, I notice there are the different shape and kind of the shoes!

At fist the most poplar one, CLASSIC! Rp. 70,000 (about 560yen)


写真 2016-03-25 17 31 38

A bit wide one, WIDE!! Rp. 90,000 (About 720yen)

写真 2016-03-25 17 27 05

One the contrary for women, SLIM!! Rp. 70,000 (About 560yen)

写真 2016-03-25 17 26 23

There is a strap for the feet and the one is not easily to take off, STRAPPY!

写真 2016-03-25 17 31 21

Rp. 125,000 (About 1,000yen)

Beach sandal with the heel, HEEL V! Rp. 150,000 (About 1,300yen)

写真 2016-03-25 17 34 56

写真 2016-03-25 17 31 29

The feeling to wear is smooth, “SLICK! Rp. 80,000 (About 640yen)

写真 2016-03-25 17 30 58

Plus there are ones for children, though it shown a bit on the right!!

Some people wear those with their children and they look cute very much!

And the last! CONFORT! Rp. 80,000 (About 640yen)

写真 2016-03-25 17 31 07

I think that the CONFORT and CLASSIC are similar, so I ask the shop keeper “What is the difference?”. They say, “They don’t know, he he”. (Laugh)

“I asked the boss but I don’t know that”, he said the excuse and he go back to his work. (Laugh)

That is Bali. (Laugh)

And the belt? It seems to be there are two kinds for the fipper mark of the part of strap!

写真 2016-03-25 17 36 14

This is totally my favorite! The elephant mark is a bit cuter!

The size is from 38 (23.5cm)~45 (30cm)!

My size is 25.5cm so 40 is good for me! The register is in the deep inside of the shop!!

写真 2016-03-25 17 44 45

What I buy this time is here!

写真 2016-03-27 12 07 38

The cheapest one, CLASSIC, costs Rp.70,000 (About 560yen)!

I think that I should buy outstanding one which is for Southern Island, but I use it for long time. So I need one with not outstanding!

That is good for the souvenior! Aren’t there new products that are made in Indonesia?

Fipper that I introduce this time is reasonable and has various size and kinds!!

写真 2016-03-30 15 57 06

It would be good for the souvenir and you can wear with family or couple, I think!

Actually you can’t bring many things from Japan and you can buy anything in Bali!

If you look for the Sandal, please check fipper once! You are sure that there would be one you can use!

But this fipper is not the item that are made in Indonesia, but Malaysia!

Ah, I am looking for the products that would be proud because of that is made in Bali without Elips!

Oh, Maybe I just don’t know?! If there is something you recommend, I’m waiting for the information!

See you later! This is from Holi!

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