The question is solved! Workers of Bali eat and drink like this!

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Hello. This is Holi.


写真 2015-09-03 16 10 42


I’m telling a lie.
The cat in Bali looks a bit more relaxed than the cat in Japan.


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This is real Holi. (Laugh)
It seems that Japan is getting colder a little bit!
Bali has still dried season, so it’s hot at lunch time and it’s a bit cold at morning and night.
If you come here, please bring something to wear!

It’s prospered as the sight seeing place and about 10,000 people visit in Bali island. There are many shops that controlled by only one person as the part time job.
(In Japan, one cheap beef restaurant was issued like this. But In Bali island, It’s natural to work with only one person. (Laugh)

The employee has basically the shift time work at there. But the work is over the lunch time and until late at night. What kind of timing do they buy meals and juice, and eat and drink at the shop?

Plus the shop is for sight seeing people. We feel that everything is expensive at those shops…
Perhaps they don’t eat? No way…

I have wondered for long time, so I try to check!!

The monthly salary is10,000 to 30,000 yen for the workers in Bali!!

At first, as the knowledge, the workers in Bali gets salary about from 10,000 to 30,000 yen per month.
In the middle class of civil servant, the monthly salary would be 35,000 yen, that is what I heard.

Oh… Cheap… Too cheap.
It’s cheap so that I want to calculate the money you get per one hour.

(But the salary is better than working countryside of the other island, so From Sraweshi, Jawa and so on people come to Bali island for the work!)

Then now, it seems to be wrong that warung (200yen to 400yen per one meal) I introduced before because with this salary, they need to spend all for the daily food.
So I’m sure that they can’t buy 100 yen or 150yen drinks at the 24 hours shops. How do they survive?
The question is getting deeper and deeper.

With thinking this and that, I was watching the friend’s souvenir shop and noticed a middle aged woman came to sell something some times in a day!

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When I address her, she sit down and drop the baggage, and start to sell for everyone! Like this!


写真 2015-08-28 14 06 20


Five min later, there are many people who come from the shops around the woman!


写真 2015-08-28 14 03 43


Oh, they buy food from her.
Well there are many kinds of food.


写真 2015-08-28 14 06 33


Holi “Hey, that, how much is it??”
Friend Y “ maybe about Rp1000 “

Wow, cheap.
I asked the range of them. All are cheap.
Juice is 40 yen, Coffee 10 yen, Bread is 20 yen, Snack is 10 yen and etc.

写真 2015-09-02 17 13 28

写真 2015-09-02 17 14 41


When I consider that there is only one person in the working place, this is the business for the solution helping staff who can’t leave from the place of the shop.

The price is so cheap for the staff who is making effort at the local area. It looks like she sells very much everyday!

OK. Now I try!!

Everything needs challenge, so I buy dinner this time.

写真 2015-09-02 17 30 30

写真 2015-09-02 17 30 41


It is called Nashijingo.
S is Sapi ,an abbreviation of beef.


写真 2015-09-02 17 33 53


This Nashijingo and ususu (The fried chicken intestine) cost 100 yen.
When I open this, like that!


写真 2015-09-02 17 34 22


写真 2015-09-02 17 35 23

When I eat this, the taste is good!
There is something not so hot!

This is nice!


写真 2015-09-02 17 36 09


About 100 yen ×30 days ×2 (Lunch and dinner) = 6,000 yen
A day a juice (30 yen) and a snack (10 yen). Even I buy them, 40 yen × 30 days =1,200 yen.

About 6,000 yen + 1,200 yen = 7,200 yen, isn’t it!

Oh, I see…
Then they can afford for the living fee…

Great Bali.

Anyways, there is the supply and demand.

If you are brave enough, why not challenge?!

So today it is the introduction of the worker in Bali people!
Aside from the shop for the tourists, the middle aged woman comes to sell food for the workers everyday!
It’s the supply and demand!
Actually there is no problem if a tourist buys them.
For now I don’t have upset the stomach and it’s cheap and tasty normally!
It’s good to feel the local living!
So see you later!

写真 2015-09-02 17 36 19

*Basically that is for the worker and not for the tourists.
If a tourist try to buy one of them, the price could be higher.
So if you try, please take your Indonesian friend!
If you get me contact, I would go there!!


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