Secret place you can eat real cheap pizza in Bali. Introduction of Italian restaurant!

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Hello guys! This is Holi who is the local writer of Bali no mikata!


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It’s very hot without rain at all still in Bali island.

There is information which is saying that it’s gonna rain very much enough to let a car flow soon in such a rainy season. I think you need to be careful a bit!

Well, I’m going to introduce you the tasty Italian restaurant in Bali today.

It’s because there are many people who immigrate from all over the world, so there are a lot of International restaurants in Bali island.

For example, Italian, French, India, Turkish, Brazilian, American which is junk food like hamburger, and Vegitallian restaurants.

If you search whatever, you would find one I think!

Plus the price would be cheap as Bali price.

I guess it could cost much because the restaurant is rare in Japan.

So I’m introducing you the restaurant in which you can eat Pizza with cheap price this time. If you compare to Japan, it would cost you some thousand yen in Japan.

It doesn’t worth enough to eat only Indonesian food if you come to Bali island!

Let’s read this, shall we!


Cheap real Italian “ITARIAN CORNER BALI” that just exists in the quite Villa area!!

The restaurant I’m going to introduce you today is this!



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The address of that is here!

Italian Corner Bali
Jalan Nakula Gang Baik No. 23 B, Kuta, Seminyak, Badung, Bali 80361 Indonesia

OPEN 12:30 - CLOSE22:30

The restaurant is close enough to walk from Bing Tang super in Suminyac!

The owner of Marco is Italian. He is from Rome and lives in Bali island!

He is quite friendly, and is always treat us nicely!

The famous Italian restaurants are Torattoria, Ultimo in Suminyac, Massimo in Sanule and etc. There are many in Bali island. But those places are shown in guide books of all over the world. So they are very crowded sometimes and you need to make an appointment.

But this Italian Corner is the secret restaurant that is known by only few people and is back street that is surrounded quite villa!

So the area is like this!!


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Oh, nothing is there. (Laugh)

Italian corner is a restaurant that I’m going to introduce you this time and that exists in such an empty area! The next door is just forest.

However, this secret restaurant is very poplar enough that there are people who stay in Villa and who take out the food. (It’s cool for you to sit down besides the window since the ventilation is good!)

You can see like this. It’s totally stylish, but not rich and very comfortable.


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There is a counter so you can come here even if you are alone!!


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The menu is like this!


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They have various kinds of Pizza, which costs you about from 350yen and is simple to about 700 yen with many toppings on. There are many deserts as well!

I order Ice Captino Rp 27,000 (about 230 yen) and Margarita Rp 53,000 (about 450 yen) this time!

They serve us Ice Captino as soon as I order.


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Yes, the taste is a bit sweet and tasty! Indonesian people are tend to love sweet drinks and there are many too sweet drink for Japanese in anywhere.

But the drink of this restaurant is sweet enough to get satisfaction for Japanese!

They serve us sugar as well, so you can control the sweetness if you want to get sweeter. That is the style of this restaurant!

We are waiting for 10 min with thinking that the Captino is tasty and with being excited!


Here! This is the Margarita!! Big!!


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写真 2016-01-14 17 25 12


The size is as big as it is enough for two people to eat only one Pizza!


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The taste make us get satisfaction. We can’t say anything if they serve us the Pizza with this reasonable price!

The cheese is melting! It’s the best.

It’s weired that the writer like me say like this. But the taste is perfect without anything to add.

I really recommend to you to go there. You need the real experience not only with just reading this!

It’s very Bali island situation that you can enjoy food of all over the world! Please challenge various foods!

This Italian Corner that I mention in another article before is near Bing Tang supermarket, which is famous in Suminyac and has very dirty toilet.

“Must check before you trip!” The case of the toilet in Bali island

It would take about 15 minutes by foot…!

The restaurant is not along the big street and it’s hard to know where a bit.

Please go there once! You can enjoy the real Italian Pizza with the cheap price!

The opening time is from 12:30, just this point you need to be careful!


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I guess there could be the opinion saying that “I don’t think it’s good to eat not Indonesian food when you come visit Bali island”

But it’s really tasty, and it’s cheap and various food of all over the world. I consider Bali island included them all!

To be continued, we wait for the comment saying that let’s go together or show us to go, so please get contact without hesitates!

(We think that we can reply quickly after we become friends in Facebook if you send us the massages!)

See you later!

This is from Holi!

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