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What kind of person who is the main writer of Bali no mikata is that?

What is the character of the main writer of Bali no mikata?

This time is special version! I boldly write about the article of Holi’s (myself) introduction.

Hello everyone! This is from Holi who is the main writer of Bali no mikata!

Today the article is different from usual one and I try to introduce myself.

What kind of person am I?

Since I have kept working for this media for about one year, we achieve 100,000 access per a month, so there are people who read this would be many people for one month. In spite of that, I have been said continuously, “There is too least information about Holi himself” by editors and readers.

But… I didn’t feel like writing about myself because it’s like showing off. Laugh

However actually it’s like “By the way who are you?” when I think about these articles I had written!!

To be added, I really like to talk with various people and there are many people who I meet in Bali in the real world. I think it would be easy to send message, to be friendly and to be easy to meet. Thus I’m going to introduce myself daringly.
This article doesn’t show about Bali even if you read this! You would know about me!
Readers who might say we are not interested in you, please close the window or switch to poplar article that is on the right side of the screen…!! Laugh

Well, let’s start special version of Bali no mikata then!


>>Next page the questions that I’m asked about my life in Japan and in Bali



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