“Warning for the thieves” You might be stolen your wallet in Bali island! The recommended step not to meet those thieves!

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The real information site for the tripper in Bali island, Bali-no-mikata”, has started!


“Bali-no-mikata” has started with the shocking title.

Hello, I’m Holi.


This is the Bali island information blog written by the young people who moved from Japan suddenly to Bali.

From now, we will send you the Indonesian information very much without seeing our favorite light!

Tasty thing is tasty, not tasty is not tasty, expensive thing is expensive, and dirty thing is dirty, we will send you as such.

Since it’s not the advertisement of the some shop, (laugh), so we would show you openly that the real thing is like this! Especially the guide shows only good parts.

By this blog, we would be happy if you get to know about Bali more and even at least if you get to be interested in this small island that is located near the equatorial line!


That’s it for the simple introduction.


The non expected baptize when we started to move to Bali island for the third day! “The thief that stole my wallet!”


Now as the title says, it occurred.

Yes, the wallet is stolen.

Naoto who move together….


2015-07-28 18.15.19


The location is Kuta on Regan street with many clubs such as, Sky garden Apatch, or Bongty.

Bali island is just foreign place even though that is the sight seeing place with a lot to Japanese people.

The lost wallet, Passport, and credit card once don’t come back 100 percent not like Japan.

We know that the leaving the bag without the watching, the wallet shown out from the pocket or etc. would be dangerous.

We were done. We met the thief…

They stalled one by putting the hand in the pocket at the moment that he thinks another thing when some young people ask something to him and they put the hand on his shoulder.

After 10 sec which he noticed, he just lost…

He might be lucky even though it’s unlucky because it is only the cash this time.

The most dangerous area is around the clubs, that is what I heard from many local people.

Surely I see there are many people whose eyes are like animal that are checking the eatable animals…

Their eyes are checking all our pockets or our bags.

Please be careful not to meet at a thief in Bali Island!

The happiest trip all day and night becomes the worst image.

The stealing is protected by your having the step for your side. So let’s go to the town with some preparation!


This gets OK! The step not to meet thieves and stealing!


The recommendation is to put only your cash in the water proof smart phone case with the strap and to hang it around your neck.

Surely you need to put it inside of your clothings.

You just need only Rp300,000 (about three thousand yen) for all your activities at night.

Like this.




They don’t sell such a smart phone case in Bali. So please buy one in Japan for your trip.

It would cost you about 1,000 yen to 2,000 yen.

Please don’t have a big back as much as possible. Let’s enjoy with only this at night!

I’m going to write you about other information in Bali island and information about Sky garden or other clubs little by little.

I want to introduce the clubs in Bali island very much because not like Japanese club, there are a big dining bar plus DJ booth and people from young age and old age can enjoy at the place!

That is it! Sampai Jumpa (See you later)!


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