The secret spot of Bali island! Going to Pandawa beach! | バリ島旅行のみかた


The secret spot of Bali island! Going to Pandawa beach!

Hello! This is Holi!

It’s getting rainy season gradually in Bali and the cloudy sky is watching us sometime!

Japan is so cold now, isn’t it? I was surprised at the picture from my friend and that showed people in it wear the winter clothings!

写真 2015-10-05 16 01 46

So today, the introducing the secret spot of Bali island, now is going to be Pandawa beach.


The people who came to Bali some times and who are fed up with usual beach or the people who is a beginner of Bali but don’t want to the place with many people should be taken a look!


But I will tell you this.


Very deep. (Laugh)


When you hear about the beach of Bali, you might remember Kuta beach of the sunset, Nusadua beach of Malin sports, Sanur beach of the elegance because they are famous. Guide book has much information about them!


Of course you can taste the feeling that you are in the Southern country because of the great beauty of them.

But there are a lot of people.


I don’t need to say about Australian people, recently there are many Chinese people, too. There is no room to feel the relaxed sound of the slow waves. That is the reality.

When I was thinking where would be the beautiful beach that had not so many people, one of my friends will go to the beach because he can take a holiday. I asked where it would be.

I haven’t heard of the place, so I just followed him with the interview!


This time the departure is from Kuta that we live to the goal for the beach!

写真 2015-10-05 16 09 58

We make forward through the bypass and run 30 min by bike, we are close to the local area!

写真 2015-10-05 16 19 12

Woops, the besides of the asphalt is almost cliff. There is no guard rail.

Since it’s Bali, I guess they would fall at night… The drives of taxies or the guides would know the way, but I heard that people who rent motor bikes are likely to get lost.


There are many statues made of stone on the way!

写真 2015-10-05 16 10 17

Then we go trough the road under the preparation, go over the mountain and cliff, finally we see the fantastic beach that we couldn’t imagine!

写真 2015-10-05 15 19 34


The place is “Pandawa beach”!!

As the place of Pandawa beach, I guess it’s around Jinbarang area?

On the map, it’s around here! The edge of the real South of Bali island!

写真 2015-10-11 22 50 28

You can’t describe it ever, but there is a big advertisement makes us remember Hollywood! You can fly, too.

However, they still are constructing, so I can see their work even though you go to Pandawa beach area.

写真 2015-10-05 16 09 48

写真 2015-10-05 16 09 43

We have arrived at the beach! It costs Rp50,000 (about 500yen) to rent a chair to sleep down on the beach!




写真 2015-10-05 15 42 47


写真 2015-10-05 15 33 23


写真 2015-10-05 16 01 13


Anyways, there is a spa!

The price is a bit expensive compared to the town, but we can think of the fee of the location, it would be reasonable maybe!

写真 2015-10-05 16 01 07


It seems like locker, actually it made of wood though.


写真 2015-10-05 15 57 39


Perhaps there is an information center, but we can’t see anyone there… (Laugh)


写真 2015-10-05 15 57 26


The feeling of development in the future?!


As you can see from the pictures, we can think that this Pandawa beach would be developed from now on!


Well the constructing of Bali, I guess we can’t say when would be finished compared to the one in Japan… (Laugh)

When I went there, there were many school trip students from Jawa island, so it was a little clouded, but normally none is there!

The hotels supported by HIS, such as Inter continental hotel, Conrad Bali, and Watermark hotel, take people who stay there only 15 min by taxi to go to the beach. Please take at look at there!

Friend called Nanan who took me there this time!

写真 2015-10-05 15 32 35


写真 2015-10-10 14 38 00

See you then!

This is it from Holi!!


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