My first selfish dirtichelin in Bali is held!!! “The introduction of tasty restaurant in spite of dirty restaurant”

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Honestly, it’s a bit hard for tourists this time!! (Laugh) Please enjoy with just reading.

Hello, everyone!


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I’m the local writer who was given selfie stick by a Japanese a couple days ago and whose name is Holi.


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It often happen that buying something is very expensive even though the thing is cheap in Japan.

Well always… Hot! It’s too hot!

The rainy season is here in Bali (around Kuta) but there are almost no rainy days. The temperature is closed to 30℃ everyday!

My friend Yayan, who broke his tommy because of the article (Cheapest Icecream in Bali “Paddle Pop” , I’ll review every taste!!) , says

“There are not so many rainy days in Kuta for the tourist by putting laser beam to erase the rain cloud.”

with serious face. Is that true? (Laugh)

Well. Anways there are not so many rainy days even though it’s rainy season. Someone who is saying “Wow it is rainy day, isn’t it” don’t need to be hesitate so much to come here! (You don’t need mobile umbrella, either.)

So today I’m going to show you this event in the article and that has been thought for more than a half year!

That is…

My first selfish dirtichelin in Bali is held!!!

Yes, I think that the event of that TV program of that TV channel is great, so I play it in Bali in this article!

Is it OK? I hope the producer don’t get upset. (Laugh)

I’ll introduce you the tasty— restaurants with many customers even though they look dirty and let us say “Ha? Is it opened?!”.

This article is a bit so hard for tourists, (laugh), so that I recommend you enjoy only with reading!

I also put the map in here. So please try if you are the challenger. (Laugh)

Let’s get start!

“Even though it’s dirty, the restaurants serve you tasty food in Bali island” In spite of the outlook, these many bikes guarantee the great tastes!! Warung jawa muslim!!

The place I go today is right here!

The street in front of me is Jalanlayakuta.

Since it’s a small restaurant that is not on the map of Google, I put the pin on the 24 hours shop next to the restaurant!

Here you are, please!


写真 2016-01-03 21 58 25


写真 2016-01-03 21 59 37


There is just the restaurant along the street. There are many bikes in front of the restaurant even if I go there at 10pm.


写真 2016-01-03 22 19 04


You don’t see the name of the restaurant because of the light is too strong. But it’s called Warung Jawa Muslim.


写真 2016-01-03 22 00 01


写真 2016-01-03 22 00 43


The electrical poll in the middle of the restaurant bothers me not to be able to take a picture well. (Laugh)


写真 2016-01-03 22 00 20


No, I can’t. Please forgive me with this. (Laugh)


写真 2016-01-03 22 00 28


It seems this restaurant has long history and many people from young age to old age come visit here every night!

A man of the restaurant at the entrance is cooking only with a fried pan!


写真 2016-01-03 22 01 19


写真 2016-01-03 22 22 04


Good. It has atmosphere!!


写真 2016-01-03 22 00 54


You can see this at the glance. That is dirtichelin point!! (Laugh)


写真 2016-01-03 22 17 40


Well, I don’t know what to say. It’s sloppy. (Laugh)

The straws are put carelessly on the pall. (Laugh)


写真 2016-01-03 22 22 49


Well, well, anyways let’s go inside!

Holi “Man, please give me one Mie Goreng! Not so hot one!”

The man “Oh, OK.”

The man cooks and the wife decollate the dish, they are cooperating!


写真 2016-01-03 22 03 29


I heard this, they said the soup in the bucket? near his feet decided the taste! (Larugh)


写真 2016-01-03 22 03 45


The menu is stable enough to be put on the wall! The size is funny. (Laugh)


写真 2016-01-03 22 16 08


写真 2016-01-03 22 16 17


There is a counter inside the shop. But oh no, I don’t know what to say. Very thick taste…!


写真 2016-01-03 22 02 38


写真 2016-01-03 22 14 23


Then this is what you are waiting for. As dirtichelin, just this one. The dirty wall!! (Laugh)


写真 2016-01-03 22 01 55


The restaurant which is brand new is impossible!


写真 2016-01-03 22 02 59


写真 2016-01-03 22 03 06


This is what symbolize the history of the restaurant, isn’t it!!


写真 2016-01-03 22 02 16


While I’m taking picture, the Mie goreng comes. It has the egg on the noodle!


写真 2016-01-03 22 05 16


This time the price is Rp.180,000 (about 150 yen) including the tea! Cheap!


写真 2016-01-03 22 05 02


Now, let’s eat!


写真 2016-01-03 22 05 44


Nice! Satisfying taste! The egg is tasty, too!


写真 2016-01-03 22 09 15


Actually they use instant soup and noodle at this restaurant (Laugh)!


写真 2016-01-04 18 22 43


There is a restaurant at which they serve noodle of Ra ou (Japanese famous instant noodle) ! Do you know?

That is all about. (Laugh) But they put special spice, so there is no problem!! (Laugh)

For your information, Mie goring means, Mie is noodle, Goreng is fried, so it’s like Yakisoba in Japanese dishes.

Long time ago, I ordered “Fried” that was in the menu at Chinese restaurant in Nigata. I was surprised because they gave us Yakisoba! I don’t think we say like that because we are from East Japan.

So now, I finish eating! Thank you for the meal!


写真 2016-01-03 22 11 43


This is it! Warunjawamusulim!!


写真 2016-01-03 22 23 52


Just at the moment I leave from the restaurant after I take many pictures,

I checked sleezy advertisement board. (Laugh)


写真 2016-01-04 17 31 12


When I see this carefully…


写真 2016-01-03 22 24 04


Really! The traditional massage of Prupapa. (Laugh)

Inner part of this street!! I’m so much interested in that… I will try next time!! (Laugh)


写真 2016-01-03 22 24 22


They earn so much money with dirty restaurant?! It’s Bali island culture!

As the first selfish Dirtichelin in Bali, How do you think about this restaurant?

I hear that they don’t show the price basically, which is traditional in Bali island. So “dirty restaurant = cheap” that impression gives much money not for clean beautiful restaurant but for dirty restaurant. It’s common!

So even though they open the brand new restaurant, they try to let many people come to the restaurant by using old chairs and tables on purpose!

It’s interesting, isn’t it? The difference of the culture.


As I mentioned before, this restaurant is too hard for tourists to go!!

They ask you something very much in Indonesian language!

But if you challenge, please go visit! Something important is not language but heart. (Laugh)

Plus challenge the massage, too!! (Laugh)

So see you later! Thank you for your reading this till the end!

This is from Holi!


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