1. The second selfish dirtichelin in Bali is held!! “Introduction of the restaurant of dirty but tasty in Bali.”

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  2. “Please spread out” We report about terrorism preannounce from Bali.

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  5. “Alcohol is worse than Cigarette.” What I hear in Bali. Totally different from Japan.

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  6. “Sky Garden”, that is the biggest in Bali island, is so cheap and so tasty.

  7. “Cheapest Icecream in Bali “Paddle Pop”, I’ll review every taste!!”

  8. My first selfish dirtichelin in Bali is held!!! “The introduction of tasty restaurant in spite of dirty restaurant”

  9. Review 3 mango juice shop in Kuta , Bali !!

  10. The secret spot of Bali island! Going to Pandawa beach!