“Alcohol is worse than Cigarette.” What I hear in Bali. Totally different from Japan.

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I’m going to introduce you about the situation of cigarette in Bali island this time. (Poplar bland and the price, too!)

Hello. This is from the local writer, Holi, and it’s for Bali no mikata.




Suddenly I ask you. What kind of image do you have about Tabaco? “Smelly”, “Not healthy” “Cancer” “Bad people called Yankee in Japan”, and etc. I guess Japanese people might be tend to have bad image! I learned about philosophy at my university. So my thinking is very anti-society and anti-majority, and I’m a smoker to go against Japanese common sense.

To be added Sartre who is famous in philosophy world left and said “Tabaco is the symbol of the intelligence and the dignity”!




But to be honest, it’s hard to smoke in Japan.There is the place for smokers, but it’s narrow and squeeze to smoke cigarette, isn’t it?

Besides there are many warnings such as “Tabaco has highly risk to become something illness” in everywhere.


I know it.


I notice that Japanese are people who want to be taken care of their own business.

Well, well. I would leave my passion toward my cigarette habit, I will introduce you about various Tabaco in Bali island today.


I introduce you three poplar cigarettes in Bali island! The price is unbelievably cheap compared to Japanese one!

As for your information, the rate of smoking in Bali island is quite high.

It seems like almost of all people smoke if I consider about young generation. Everybody smokes.

I guess people who has been to Bali island for the sightseeing might have seen people who are smoking with sitting down and drinking 10 yen coffee in the town.

Plus when you listen to a nonsmoking person, he would say “I have no money, please give me one, he he!”. People are like that. Such a situation of cigarette in Bali.

At first I will give you the information of some cigarettes that are popular among Indonesian people.


GARAM (about 110 yen)








This brand is sold when you go to the cigarette special shops in Japan, too, and it would cost you about 400 yen.

But the tax is very different from Japan and Bali, so the price is cheap,

They put sugar in the filter, so it’s very sweet. The smell is strong, too. There are some Japanese café that forbid Garam in Japan.

Champolna (about 100 yen)






Champolna is the name of the company and this one is the series of Magnum! This one is a bit sweet, too and the taste would be popular among Indonesian people.

Especially the price is cheap, there are many people who smoke this cigarette.

Marlboro (about 200 yen)








Marlboro is perhaps poplar in Japan as well! The cigarette is imported from foreign country, so the price is expensive compared to Garam and Champlna.

“This could be poplar in Bali island, but they don’t smoke this so much in Java island.” There is such an information.

So now I have introduced you famous three brands! Compared to Japan, the price is quite cheap.

Actually cigarette are cheaper when you buy them at 24 hours shops than when you buy them at Japanese tax free shops.

Plus they don’t smoke menthol so much as their favorites. They love sweet Tabaco very much.


Alcohol is worse for the health than cigarette. The culture is completely opposite from Japan!!

People treat cigarette as “the root of all evil” in Japan. But when I think about Indonesian people, I don’t think it’s not that bad, honestly.

They would rather say that “alcohol is worse than cigarette” sometimes.

Indonesia is established with many islands and 90 percent of people are Islamic (Forbid alcohol). The religion of Bali island is Hinduism (alcohol is forgiven) but many people from the other islands visit Bali island for their work. So most of my friends don’t drink alcohol.

“When in Rome do as the Romans do”, so I smoke but don’t drink alcohol.

Besides this is a menu of restaurant to which I went in Java island, but the menu doesn’t have alcohol.




It is typical that Indonesian people drink coffee with their conversation after their work and that most of them drink alcohol covertly when they are young!




Plus for me who experience the meeting by asking “Can you lend me a lighter?”, it is honest concerning that you don’t need to hate Tabaco so much.

In Japan, alcohol is good and cigarette is bad.

In Bali island cigarette is good and alcohol is bad.

When you are foreign country, the way of thinking is totally different! Except cigarette, when I talk about the life in Japan to people in Bali island, they get surprised and on the contrary I get amazed the life here every day.

Almost of all the people in Bali have smart phones by the progress of IT, and the border for the foreign countries is disappearing in this era. I think it is significant that people might need to consider what kind of idea to have.

I hope people in Bali island absorb better part and remain their good part even though they get the idea from the advanced countries such as western and Japan (not personally though).


Well, I guess your reaction would be calm.

See you later! Oh, we are still waiting for your contact!

“I want to go the place that I see in this blog!”, “Let’s go for the meal!” “Please lend me the motor bike” or so on.

People who just want to just ask for other else would let us make effort to answer them. So please give us the contact without hesitate! This is it, from Holi!


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