“Please spread out” We report about terrorism preannounce from Bali.

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Hello, everyone!

Bali no mikata, the local writer, holi!

It’s different from the usual article. I would like to talk about the preannounce for Terrorism in Bali island in my local point of view.

As you know, after gun fight and terrorism by committing suicide in Jakarta on January 14th, people are afraid that might happen in Bali island where I live now.

Basically Bali is the island where they believe Hindu and it’s unique in Indonesia where people are tend to believe Islam. So there are a lot of sight seeing people from Western, Japanese, and Australian countries and they against IS that cause terrorism in Jakarta.

During the annoying time, on January 18h, they got the letter saying preannounce of terrorism in the city council of Breren that is in the North Bali island.


That says “We are already in Bali island and are ready to blow out the town.”


According to the Indonesian national police, the person who write the letter has already arrested. But we are worried if he is ready to the terrorism or is just influenced IS and we still have fear.

Indonesian government control the security strictly for the city council in Bali because of the letter, of course, and we can see some police men with the gun at the shopping malls not like usual.

The security is very strict at the airport so we can see the attitude they do never want to experience the terrorism again like in 2002.

But honestly I feel that we still need to be careful.

They can make small bombs by the progress of the development nowadays, and they can go through the baggage check easily.

Plus the ferry from Jawa island to bali island is not strict for the security maybe so much for the baggage. They only check by the eye without using machine.

If someone have a middle size speed board, he or she can enter the Bali from the other island during the night.

It seems not enough only to be careful at night when we think about the affair of Jakarta happening during the lunch time.

Well, but if you go out to the town, we feel many people don’t care about it so much and enjoy the vacation.

I understand that people try to enjoy since they get time for the vacation and make plan to look forward the trip…

We can’t say never come to Bali or cancel the trip absolutely.

However we need to be careful for the trip not to go out to the club or around the club.

Me myself, try not to go out to the city center during the crowded time about for the next one month in the future, eigther.

The attraction of Bali island is not only the city center, famous spot, famous club and restaurant with many people!!

So see you later!

This is from Holi!

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