Review 3 mango juice shop in Kuta , Bali !!

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The strongest competition of the mango juice with good taste and cheap price in Bali island! I put it the ranking by our own view


This is from the local writer for Bali no mikata

It’s very cool at night after the rain in the evening in December of Bali island. I feel a bit cold with the T-shirt!

I try to put ranking selfishly, to choose selfishly about my favorite mango juice today (Laugh)!!

This blog is not with advertisement or commercial of shops, so I try to write freely as usual about my thinking. (Laugh)


Here is the strongest competition of mango juice in Bali island

① Waung Malang


写真 2015-12-18 15 48 55


② Top Ice Teler Supernova


写真 2015-12-18 17 11 58


③ Angels Essence Restaurant


写真 2015-12-18 19 19 19


Before my report, it’s as my passion toward mango juice in Bali island, there is a little bit explanation of mango

Some readers might know that we tweet, too, for Bali no mikata

We up sensitive and tidy information more than this blog!

The twitter is here!

*We are tweeting loosely, so please tweet us without hesitate. (^^)

Then, when we up about mango juice we got retweets and comments more than we think. It could be the best reaction from people,

Perhaps it is quite poplar, but if you drink it in Japan, the price is high and there are few places that sell mango juice!

Please drink at least once, when you come to Bali!

Plus it’s rainy season now in Bali island. When it’s rainy season, surely the fruits are tasty!!!

“Rule The strongest competition of mango juice in Bali island” The decision of the evaluation is by four views of the tastes, the easy way to access, the price and the atmosphere of the shop!

For the strongest competition of mango juice in Bali island No.1 Warung Malang!

As the first shop, the Warung Malang that I often go!

写真 2015-12-18 15 48 55


写真 2015-12-16 17 37 16

写真 2015-12-16 17 37 35

It takes about 20 min from HIS. If you use taxi, it would take about 7-8 min!

The name of the street is called Jalan Raya Kuta

Some local people go there for their dating. There are many families after 19pm every night and it’s clouded. But it’s empty at lunch time during the week days.

写真 2015-12-18 15 48 42

That is Indonesian restaurant with Chinese style, but they do have Mango juice in the menu.

写真 2015-12-18 15 42 43


写真 2015-12-18 15 42 39


It’s here!

Mango Juice Rp.15,000(\130程度)


写真 2015-12-18 15 46 10


写真 2015-12-18 15 46 21

Well, I try now


Tepid. (Laugh)

It’s tasty. But with this very hot temperature,

I don’t think it’s satisfying.

It could be good to drink it at night!

To be added, the taste of the skin of mango, It is bitter.

So the evaluation is here!

The competition of mango juice in Bali island No1 Warung Malang







I feel that is not so good and not so bad.

Of course it’s Indonesian restaurant, so the other dishes are very tasty! I can recommend you Sapotafcy food

I would put three starts. Yes. Next!

For the strongest competition of mango juice in Bali island No.2 Top Ice Teler Supernova!

The name of this shop is below!

Top Ice Teler Supernova


写真 2015-12-18 15 51 05


写真 2015-12-18 17 11 58


写真 2015-12-18 17 12 10


Well, I don’t know the meaning of the shop’s name. (Laugh)

But this shop is the special shop of Fruits juice that we expected.

It’s the common juice warung in Bali with the big menu on the wall and the shop is designed simply.


写真 2015-12-18 17 14 21


写真 2015-12-18 17 14 39


The menu is written in Indonesian, but has the picture, so you can point out what you want with your finger. (Laugh)


写真 2015-12-18 17 15 43


The street name is Jalan Kubu Anyar, and there is a 24 hours shop in front of the shop!


写真 2015-12-18 17 12 15


The shop is near warung such as NickMart and Warung Murati

So the mango juice is here!!

Juice Manga Rp.10,000 (about 85 yen).


写真 2015-12-18 17 13 35


写真 2015-12-18 17 13 58


Compared to the juice at the one of the warung, it’s a bit more yellow.

The taste is… Whm, That’s tasty!!

Since the shop satisfy with our expection as the special fruit shop, they put Mango and ice in the mixer and the mango juice is very cold!

The condition of Mango juice is very good with crushing, sometimes the flesh pulp of Mango stuck in the straw because the mango juice is thick.

Oh, this is tasty, good.

But they play the foreign music loudly inside the shop… (Laugh)

Plus, that is warung, so the space for the sitting is only on the chairs. So you can’t get relaxed with your resort feeling…


写真 2015-12-18 17 12 30


So the evaluation is as such!

The competition of mango juice in Bali island No2 Top Ice Teler Supernova







The price and the taste get five stars!

With the point of view only for the Mango juice, the special shop for fruit juice is very strong!


For the strongest competition of mango juice in Bali island No.3 Angels Essence Restaurant


写真 2015-12-18 19 19 19


写真 2015-12-18 19 33 57


Oh well, it’s already at night. (Laugh) This shop is located near the brunch of HIS, Kuta!

(Can you see this in the picture? The advertisement board in the middle of the picture is the brunch of HIS!)


写真 2015-12-18 19 37 07


You can see the many white frogs on the wall and that is the checking point!

The street name is called Japan pantai Kuta!

With our expectation, and the shop is in the middle of the sightseeing place, the shop has the mood of Christmas. There is a Christmas tree inside of the shop!


写真 2015-12-18 19 37 22


The menu is like this!


写真 2015-12-18 19 21 24


You might doubt if there is a mango juice in such a shop. But there is. (Laugh)


写真 2015-12-18 19 21 17


Well the mango juice is as below!

Mango juice Rp.30,000 (About 260yen)


写真 2015-12-18 19 25 08


写真 2015-12-18 19 25 12


Oh, it’s stylish.

The cherry is put? Complacent in the mango juice? (Laugh)

Let’s drink.

Well, it’s cold and tasty!

But a little bit of fiber of Mango is left in the mouth…

It’s something you feel resort compared to the two shops I sent because there are many foreigners with the blond hair in the shop.


写真 2015-12-18 19 35 05


There is a sofa. So when you have some time until the sun set,

You can drink mango juice with relaxed feeling.

But the location is perfect, so the price is a bit expensive for me, I think…

Then the evaluation is like this!


The competition of mango juice in Bali island No3 Angels Essence Restaurant






I would put three starts. Yes. Next!

The price and taste are five stars without my complaining!

There are sofa and WIFI, too, and the access is good.

However the price is triple time of No2. Top ice terer super nova… The star is four!!

The strongest competition of mango juice in Bali island Conclusion!! It’s all top. But it’s possible to use depends on your situation.

This time I went to three shops.

No.2 Top ice terer super nova and No.3 Angel essens restaurant can get the same four star

But if you try to hope the taste indeed,

No2 Top ice terer super nova would be good.

If you wish the atmosphere and access,

No3. Angel essens restaurant! It depends on your situation!

I chose the shops for the person who comes to Bali for the first time. So please try to go without hesitate!

Plus, there could be mango juice that is hidden by me. (Laugh)

Please take challenge mango juice at many places. We would be glad if you give us the information about tasty mango juice like, this mango juice is tasty!

… Three glass of mango juice in a day. I’m enough. (Laugh)

Oh, we wait for the contact, which is like let’s go to drink mango juice or please show us the way to access from you. Please don’t need to be hesitate to get contact to us!

See you later!


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