The research of town Spa in Bali island! The condition of town Spa!

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The real information site for Bali island tripper, “The way to see Bali island trip”, the town Spa edition

2015-08-09 15.49.54

Ah I wish I had a pet that is Monkey! (Laugh)

Hello, this is from Naoto who was fallowed by the wild dog and who was going to die because of that! (Laugh)

I’m not exaggerating about my almost dying.

The sickness of crazy dog is issued internationally,

That is as serious as the prefectural governor say “Remove wild dogs!”

In Japan, a dog is like a member of the family, but in Bali island, they treat dogs terribly.

Of course there are some people who love their dogs.

I, Naoto, got tired because I ran away from the wild dog with this reason! Laugh


I thought that I should go to massage to heal myself and not to get tired. Laugh


So now I’m gong to tell you about the town Spa in Bali island today.


2015-08-09 22.55.09

I guess it would cost you 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen if you have a massage in Japan.

The price would not be easy enough to pay!


If you have the massage at expensive shop in Bali island,

it would generally cost you 3,000 yen per a hour.


But if you go to the town spa that exists in Bali island,

It would cost you only one tenth of Japanese one, that is amazing, to have a massage. You can get the massage when you are tired with such a price.


They way to find “Town Spa!


There is almost no information about “town Spa” in a guide book.

So if you try to find it by reading a blog that is written by tripper or people who live in Bali island, you might be able to find a good shop!

To be added, I think you can find one easily by walking around the area you stay, by feeling how much they set the price with the atmosphere, and by looking at how many customers there are!


The special feature of “Town Spa”

You can get spa with satisfaction and that you make wonder indeed whether you can have a good service with that price because of such a cheap price, such as about 500 yen to 1,000 yen, that allows many local people come there.


Surely you can get much greater service at the expensive spa.

I think you would get satisfied with “Town Spa” for someone who wants to go to spa even though he or she can’t afford, so he or she can’t go to the expensive one.


However there is something you need to be careful about the cheap “Town Spa”.


For example, there is no shower even though you get oil massage…

Please make sure first!


I recommend foot massage for the beginners!


The menu of “Town Spa” that let you get the easiest is food massage!


After you can get that service with the cheapest price, then you should try other spa menus by getting foot massage first. You would already know the skill of the person who is treating and the atmosphere you feel at the shop.

The massage of Bali people is traditional enough for Japanese people to come to study and they use oil for the massage!


Charge! I went to “Town Spa”!

2015-08-09 22.55.15

Sp we went to “Town Spa because there are something you don’t know until you go there.

That is the menu. The price is shown clearly!

You are safe with the showing the price!

2015-08-09 22.55.25

We order head massage called cream bath with the price 650 yen.

You can get head massage at the hair dresser in Japan.

I really like that, so I choose.

First, I follow them since they tell me that I should go to the inner place.

I’m washed my hair with sitting down on the chair.


Holi says “Hot!”

2015-08-09 23.00.50

It looks like they wash my hair with the hot water!

My hair is washed with the good temperature water.

We back to the seat and the cream bath starts.

2015-08-09 23.11.08

Later, they massage my shoulder, back, neck and arm during they put towel around my body and penetrate the treatment.

That finishes then they wash my hair. It’s like this.

I get very relaxed by healing my feeling and my body.


For the end!


We went to the “Town Spa” with doubting at first whether it’s OK because the price is cheap.

But we didn’t imagine that we experienced such a great treatment honestly.

It’s better that you can speak English, but it would be OK even though you can’t.


I totally recommend you to go to “Town Spa”! I hope you can experience this, too!


This is my real thinking.


Thank you for your reading this till the end!

I’m not at typing in PC, so my article comes late,

but please you just wait to see it!


It doesn’t matter that you ask me to show the “Town Spa” I introduce, to go there, and etc.

It would be OK with just any contact. Please ask us if you have something to say.

We will be there.

2015-08-03 18.16.38


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